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Supplier Diversity For Dummies

Porter, Kathey K.


1. Auflage Juli 2022
304 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-84301-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Extend the principles of diversity and inclusion to your company's suppliers

Many people are familiar with the importance of ensuring and advancing inclusion, equity, and diversity amongst their employees and managers. But do your efforts include supplier diversity--an equally as important and essential part of any holistic diversity effort?

In Supplier Diversity For Dummies, nationally recognized small business strategist and economic inclusion and supplier diversity expert Kathey Porter delivers an empowering and informative guide to implementing this integral part of any robust inclusion initiative: supplier diversity. You'll understand the relevance of supplier diversity and why it's important to encourage equal opportunity for diverse suppliers and businesses owned and managed by underrepresented groups.

In this book, you'll also find:
* The answers to your most pressing questions about how to build a coherent and sustainable supplier diversity program
* Ways to contribute more fully to your company's diversity and inclusion functions
* Strategies to position supplier diversity as a central function in your organization

Perfect for company buyers, purchasing and procurement professionals, material management executives, strategic souring professionals and supplier diversity practitioners, Supplier Diversity For Dummies is a must-read resource for supply chain professionals, diversity and inclusion leaders and anyone looking to increase their proficiency in supplier diversity, improve supply chain inclusivity and increase their social impact.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Supplier Diversity 5

Chapter 1: Understanding the Growing Demand for Supplier Diversity 7

Chapter 2: Understanding the Foundation of Supplier Diversity 21

Chapter 3: Supplier Diversity Management: A New Way of Thinking 31

Chapter 4: Distinguishing between Supplier Diversity and DEI 43

Chapter 5: Digging into Supplier Diversity within the Organization 53

Part 2: Developing Internal (Organizational) Supplier Diversity Efforts 69

Chapter 6: Gauging Your Organization's Diversity Climate 71

Chapter 7: Making the Case for Supplier Diversity 89

Chapter 8: Building Support for Supplier Diversity Programs 97

Chapter 9: Identifying Common Barriers to Supplier Diversity 107

Chapter 10: Creating an Effective Supplier Diversity Plan 117

Part 3: Supplier Development and Supplier Diversity 129

Chapter 11: Creating an Environment that Puts Diverse Businesses First 131

Chapter 12: Building Capacity 143

Part 4: Examining External (Community) Supplier Diversity Efforts 153

Chapter 13: Highlighting the Stages of Supplier Diversity Programs 155

Chapter 14: Cultivating Community Partners to Drive Supplier Diversity 165

Part 5: Using Technology and Compliance to Enhance Supplier Diversity 175

Chapter 15: Telling the World About Your Supplier Diversity Efforts 177

Chapter 16: Establishing Supplier Diversity Metrics, Benchmarks, and KPIs 185

Chapter 17: Understanding Tier 2/Subcontracting Spend 197

Chapter 18: Getting a Grip on Goal Setting in Supplier Diversity 207

Chapter 19: Tracking, Measuring, and Reporting Metrics in Supplier Diversity: It's All in the Numbers 215

Part 6: Building a Career in Supplier Diversity 227

Chapter 20: Becoming a Supplier Diversity Professional 229

Chapter 21: Supplier Diversity Certifications and Continuing Education 239

Part 7: The Part of Tens 249

Chapter 22: Nearly Ten Ways to Become an Effective Supplier Diversity Leader 251

Chapter 23: Ten (Plus One) Ways to Create a World-Class Supplier Diversity Program 257

Chapter 24: Ten Myths about Supplier Diversity 265

Index 271
Kathey Porter is an award-winning small business strategist and supplier diversity expert. She is the founder of Porter Brown Associates, a professional services consultancy that works with corporations and public entities on building supplier diversity programs. In 2020, Kathey launched the Supplier Diversity Training Institute.