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Global Investing

A Practical Guide to the World's Best Financial Opportunities

Erickson, Darrin

Wiley Trading Series


1. Auflage Dezember 2022
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-85666-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Identify and invest in the world's best performing companies

In Global Investing: A Practical Guide to the World's Best Financial Opportunities, veteran portfolio manager Darrin Erickson walks readers through how to best analyze, understand, and invest in leading global businesses. In the book, you'll discover how you can improve the performance of your investment portfolio by taking advantage of opportunities that exist outside of the borders of the country you happen to inhabit.

The author discusses how to identify and make investments around the world in effective and efficient ways, and how to successfully manage the risks associated with investing in a foreign country. You'll also find:
* Relevant information about key stock markets around the world
* Insights into the underlying dynamics of the world's major global industries
* Fulsome discussions on how to evaluate companies within each global industry
* Advice on how to construct a portfolio of global stocks that will help you to build wealth and protect it during times of stock market weakness
* Descriptions of free and paid tools that belong on the radar of every successful global investor

An indispensable and accessible resource for investors with a desire to engage with the world's financial markets, Global Investing is a must-read handbook for any investor seeking to expand their horizons beyond their own country's borders.



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Introduction [Typesetter: Intro to start on Arabic page]

Part One. Building Wealth Through Business Ownership

1. Own Good Businesses

Part Two. The Global Investment Opportunity

2. The Global Economy

3. Global Trade

4. Global Financial Markets

Part Three. Risks of Investing Globally

5. Market Cycle Risk

6. Currency Risk

7. Geopolitical Risk

Part Four. Buying Global Businesses

8. Company Analysis

Part Five. Global Sector & Industry Primers

9. Communication Services

10. Consumer Discretionary

11. Consumer Staples

12. Energy

13. Financials

14. Healthcare

15. Industrials

16. Information Technology

17. Materials

18. Real Estate

19. Utilities

Part Six. Own the Best and Leave the Rest

20. Portfolio Construction


Tools and Resources
DARRIN ERICKSON, MBA, CFA is a portfolio manager at Value Partners Investments based in Winnipeg, Canada, which serves clients in Canada and the United States. Darrin has over two decades of experience managing Global, US, North American, Science and Technology and long/short equity mandates.