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At the Speed of Irrelevance

How America Blew Its AI Leadership Position and How to Regain It

Naqvi, Al / Janakiram, Mani


1. Auflage Juli 2022
256 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-86127-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Get the inside story of American Artificial Intelligence (AI) failure and fall: Learn how to reassume American AI leadership and win against China

On the eve of the Sino-American great power competition General Mattis challenged America to move forward at the speed of relevance. To compete effectively America needed to excel in its AI capacity. The call fell on deaf ears - and years later the nation found itself sliding towards a state of irrelevance on the global stage. A series of blunders contributed to what President Biden calls American AI's "failing and falling behind."

This is the story of American AI's fall from grace. Capturing the live moments of American excitement and mastery of AI to the tragedy of ending up behind China, the authors give a behind the scenes account of what transpired. Get an inside view on who dropped the ball at a time when America needed its best leadership. As the mystery unravels, it shows the great misses and deceptions, colossal mistakes, policy failures, and negligence that cost America its leadership position.

This story could become the story of America's own decline and fall. But there is hope. In the past America has shown resilience to bounce back from the agony of defeat to win in the long run. This book gives a path to rebuild American AI and secure such a victory.

Whether you are a business leader or a policy analyst, a supply chain expert or an academic, a congressmember or an agency head At the Speed of Irrelevance: How America Blew Its AI Leadership Position and How to Regain It will change your thinking about your responsibility to your firms, agencies, and the country. This will be the most timely and patriotic book you will ever read.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

About the Authors xiii

Chapter 1: The Dawn of Irrelevance 1

Chapter 2: The Painful Effects of Losing the AI Battle 25

Chapter 3: The Containment Strategy 51

Chapter 4: The Presidents' Call to Duty 71

Chapter 5: The Great Deception of the 2016 RFI 91

Chapter 6: The OSTP Obsession Continues 113

Chapter 7: The Wake-Up Call 133

Chapter 8: Congress 145

Chapter 9: AI for Agencies 175

Chapter 10: A Chaotic Private Sector 191

Chapter 11: Of Capital and Measurements 205

Chapter 12: At the Speed of Relevance 217

Index 229
AL NAQVI is a Professor and President at the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence. He teaches classes on applied artificial intelligence, deep learning, and cognitive transformation. His research is focused on applying deep learning to advanced models of financial engineering, portfolio management, and asset management.

MANI JANAKIRAM is a Manufacturing Supply Chain and Analytics executive and also an academician. His 25+ years of professional experience includes the semiconductor, automotive, and aerospace industries. Mani has two patents and has published over 100 papers. He is an accomplished speaker and serves on several committees to advance practical application of AI and Analytics. Mani holds a PhD from Arizona State University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

A. Naqvi, American Institute of Artificial Intelligence