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Business Plans For Dummies

Tiffany, Paul / Peterson, Steven D.


3. Auflage Mai 2022
416 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-86637-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Plan to succeed as an entrepreneur--we show you how

Business Plans For Dummies can guide you, as a new or aspiring business owner, through the process of creating a comprehensive, accurate, and useful business plan. In fact, it is just as appropriate for an already up-and running firm that realizes it's now time for a full-bore check-up, to ensure the business is in tip-top shape to meet the challenges of the globalized, digitized, and constantly changing 21st Century. This edition of is fully updated, featuring the most recent practices in the business world. Let us walk you through each step of the planning process. You'll find everything you need in this one book, so you can finally stop googling, close all those browser tabs, and get organized and get going.

Updates to this new revision include knowing how to pivot when your situation changes, recognizing the need for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, where to tap the latest funding sources, and how to plan for a digital strategy, market disruption, and environmental sustainability. You'll also learn how today's globalized marketplace influences your business--and how you can use social media to influence your customers right back.
* Learn the ins and out of creating a business plan that will actually work
* Set effective goals and objectives so your business can find success
* Wow investors with your knowledge of today's important business trends
* Map out your finances, marketing plan, and operational blueprint--then confidently get to work!

Challenge the traditional framework by building a business plan that's workable in today's reality. Dummies is here to help.

Paul Tiffany, PhD, is a professor at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, where he teaches courses on public policy and management. He is an expert in business strategy and management. Prior to beginning his career in academia, Tiffany worked as a business consultant and continues to lead his own consulting agency.

Steven D. Peterson, PhD, is the senior partner and founder of the management tool development company Strategic Play Technologies.