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Geography For Dummies

Mitchell, Jerry T.


2. Auflage Mai 2022
416 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-86712-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The whole world in the palm of your hand

Ever wonder how you can have a rainforest on one side of a mountain and a desert on the other? Or zoom around the globe with Google Maps and wonder how everything got to where it is now? The answer is...geography.

In Geography For Dummies, you'll discover that geography is more than just cool trivia--it explains tons about the world around us. From understanding the basics--like how to read maps and geographic coordinates--to learning about how the continents got to their current positions, you'll learn fascinating things about the planet's people, cities, resources, and more.

In this book, you'll discover:
* How geographers make and use maps to understand and tell useful stories about the earth
* How weather and climate shape the planet, impact the water supply, and change landscapes
* How humans use (and overuse) the planet we live on to our advantage

Geography For Dummies is an incredible exploration of our planet and the people who live on it. This book takes a huge subject and makes it accessible for the rest of us!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Grounded: The Geographic Basics 5

Chapter 1: Geography: The Why of Where and Why You Should Care 7

Chapter 2: Thinking Like a Geographer 19

Chapter 3: Lining Up Locations 29

Chapter 4: Truthiness in Mapping 41

Chapter 5: Telling a Spatial Story 59

Part 2: Let's Get Physical: Land, Water, and Air 79

Chapter 6: Shape-shifting Earth 81

Chapter 7: A Nip and a Tuck: Giving Earth a Facelift 103

Chapter 8: Making a Splash on Earth 119

Chapter 9: Warming Up and Chilling Out: Why Climates Happen 137

Chapter 10: Connecting Climates and Vegetation 159

Part 3: Peopling the Planet 179

Chapter 11: Nobody Here But A Few Billion Friends 181

Chapter 12: Shift Happens: Migration 203

Chapter 13: Culture: The Way We Live 219

Chapter 14: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors 239

Part 4: Putting the Planet to Use 261

Chapter 15: Takin' Care of Business 263

Chapter 16: Earth's Resources: Always Hungry for More 283

Chapter 17: Downtown to the 'Burbs: Urban Geography 301

Chapter 18: Only One Home: Impacts on the Environment 323

Part 5: The Part of Tens 343

Chapter 19: Ten Organizations for Geography in Action 345

Chapter 20: Ten Interesting Career Paths for Geographers 351

Chapter 21: Ten Things You Can Forget 357

Chapter 22: Ten Great Places for Online Geography 365

Index 371
Jerry T. Mitchell, PhD, is Chair of the Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina and an avid world traveler.