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Parasitic Infections

Immune Responses and Therapeutics

Mishra, Abhay Prakash / Nigam, Manisha (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juli 2023
432 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-87802-5
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Parasitic Infections

Understand and defeat a scourge of public health with this cutting-edge guide

Parasitic diseases are considered as an important public health problem due to the high morbidity and mortality rates, particularly in countries where climate and level of economic development create serious challenges to the creation of public health infrastructure, thus can make parasitic infections both graver and more difficult to contain. As we come to understand the global ramifications of public health, there has never been a more crucial time to understand these infections and the processes by which they can be managed and defeated.

Parasitic Infections is a comprehensive overview of parasitic immunopathology, including the fundamentals of parasite biology, mechanisms and processes of infection, and the key steps of drug discovery and treatment. In addition to detailed coverage of the most commonly encountered infectious parasites, analysis of the immune system provides material pertinent to any possible parasitic infection. The result is an essential contribution to public health research.

Parasitic Infections readers will also find:
* A careful balance of parasite immunopathology and pharmaceutical analysis
* Detailed discussion of parasites such as protozoans, helminths, and ectoparasites
* Case studies and in-depth analyses written by authors around the world on the basis of first hand investigation

Parasitic Infections is a must-read for researchers or professionals in immunology, biology, medicinal chemistry, drug development or pharmaceutical research, and all related fields.

List of Contributors ix

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xviii

1 Introduction: Back to the Future - Solutions for Parasitic Problems 1
Rahime Simsek, Aqsa Farooqui, Salah-Ud-Din Khan, and Shahanavaj Khan

2 Induction of Immune Responses and Inflammation to Parasitic Infections 47
Gurdeep Singh, Abhishek Tiwari, Varsha Tiwari, and Mukesh Kr Singh

3 Animal Parasites: Insight into Natural Resistance 60
Nasib Zaman, Muhammad Rizwan, Kishawar Sultana, Abdur Rauf, Yahya S. Al-Awthan, and Omar Bahattab

4 Immune Response against Protozoan Parasites 73
Ahmed Olatunde, Olalekan Ogunro, Habibu Tijjani, Shakir Mayowa Obidola, Mustapha Abdullahi Akpaki, Archana Yadav, Manisha Nigam, and Abhay Prakash Mishra

5 Immune Response against Helminths 100
Varsha Tiwari, Abhishek Tiwari, Gurdeep Singh, and Mukesh Kr Singh

6 Ectoparasites Host Resistance and Tolerance 124
Jacob Kehinde Akintunde and Ayodeji Mathias Adegoke

7 Microorganisms as Drivers of Host-Parasite Interactions 141
Rahul Negi, Munni Bhandari, Rahul Kunwar Singh, and Tribhuvan Mohan Mohapatra

8 Neglected Parasitic Infections: History to Current Status 156
Sarmistha Debbarma, Jupi Talukdar, Prabhakar Maurya, Luit Moni Barkalita, and Anupam Brahma

9 Molecular Techniques for the Study and Diagnosis of Parasite Infection 176
Syed Muhammad Mukarram Shah, Saira, and Fida Hussain

10 Drugs for the Control of Parasitic Diseases: Current Status and Case Studies 205
Pratichi Singh, Swetanshu, Shikha Yadav, Adeline Lum Nde, and Vijay Jyoti Kumar

11 Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of Antiparasitic Drugs 227
Maryam Bello-Akinosho, Kayode Olayinka Afolabi, Harish Chandra, Dearikha Karina Mayashinta, Yulia Dwi Setia, and Carolina Pohl-Albertyn

12 Phytopharmaceuticals as an Alternative Treatment against Parasites 251
Rajesh Kumar, Seetha Harilal, Arti Gautam, Manisha Nigam, and Abhay Prakash Mishra

13 Nanoparticles for Antiparasitic Drug Delivery 303
Abdulkadir Mohammed Danyaro, Habibu Tijjani, Swinder Jeet Singh Kalra, and Ahmed Olatunde

14 Vaccination Against Parasitic Infection: From Past to Current Approaches in the Development of a Vaccine 328
Mukesh Kr Singh, Gurdeep Singh, Varsha Tiwari, and Abhishek Tiwari

15 Current Trends in Parasitic Diseases and Precautionary Measures 356
Nisha Singh

Index 382
Abhay Prakash Mishra, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology, University of Free State, South Africa. He has extensive research experience in drug development and other research areas related to parasitic infection.

Manisha Nigam, PhD, is Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, India. She has extensive research and teaching experience regarding cancer biology, parasite biology and immunopathology.

A. P. Mishra, University of Free State, South Africa; M. Nigam, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, India