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Reflective Practice for Nurses

Boyd, Claire

Student Survival Skills


1. Auflage Februar 2023
192 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-88248-0
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Reflective Practice for Nurses

Become a reflective clinical practitioner and prepare for successful revalidation with this practical nursing guide

Reflective practice is increasingly being regarded as an essential tool for improving nursing practice, and since reflective practice is not always intuitive, there is an urgent need for an accessible guide for nurses wishing to incorporate best practices into their role.

Reflective Practice for Nurses meets this need and introduces the core concepts and principles of reflective practice. Designed for busy nursing professionals in want of a speedy overview and with jargon-free language, this is the easiest way to begin learning about reflective practice and how it can be used to support revalidation. It promises to become an indispensable tool for nursing students and professionals looking to turn the sometimes-fraught process of professional reflection into an asset to their practice.

Reflective Practice for Nurses readers will also find:
* An introduction to 14 different models of reflection
* Easy-to-read format for nurses in high-pressure professional situations
* Pocket-sized presentation for portability and use on-the-go

Reflective Practice for Nurses is essential for nursing students and practicing nurses looking to become more reflective and effective clinical practitioners.




SECTION ONE Understanding Reflection

CHAPTER 1 What is Reflection?

CHAPTER 2 Human Factors

CHAPTER 3 Models of Reflection

CHAPTER 4 Reflection and NMC Revalidation

SECTION TWO Learning through Reflection

CHAPTER 5 Writing Reflectively

CHAPTER 6 Improving Care Through Reflection

CHAPTER 7 Critical Reflection

CHAPTER 8 Reflective Assignments

SECTION THREE Reflection in Practice

CHAPTER 9 Case Study 1 - Reflection in Practice - Newly Qualified Nurse (using Through the looking glass model of reflection)

CHAPTER 10 Case Study 2 - Reflection in Practice - Nursing Associate (using ERA Model of reflection)

CHAPTER 11 Case Study 3 - Reflection in Practice - Mental Health Nurse (using Rolf et al Model of reflective practice)

CHAPTER 12 Case Study 4 - Reflection in practice - Qualified Nurse (using the REFLECT Model of reflection)

CHAPTER 13 Case Study 5 - Reflection in Practice - Learning Disability Nurse (using the Gibbs Model of Reflection)

CHAPTER 14 Case Study 6 - Reflection in Practice - Midwife (using the NMC Reflective accounts model)

CHAPTER 15 Reflection in Practice - Reflective Journalextract (Yet to receive in Query)


Claire Boyd is Practice Development Trainer in the Learning and Research Centre at North Bristol Healthcare Trust. She develops, designs, delivers and evaluates learning programmes, and organises the transition training programme for student nurses and support of these nurses in clinical areas.

C. Boyd, Practice Development Trainer, North Bristol NHS Trust