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Modeling and Control of Modern Electrical Energy Systems

Karimi-Ghartemani, Masoud

IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering


1. Auflage August 2022
400 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-88341-8
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Modeling and Control of Modern Electrical Energy Systems

A step-by-step approach to the modeling, analysis, and control of modern electronically controlled energy systems

In Modeling and Control of Modern Electrical Energy Systems, distinguished researcher Dr. Masoud Karimi-Ghartemani delivers a comprehensive discussion of distributed and renewable energy resource integration from a control system perspective. The book explores various practical aspects of these systems, including the power extraction control of renewable resources and size selection of short-term storage components.

The interactions of distributed energy resources (DERs) with the rest of the electric power system are presented, as is a discussion of the ability of the DER to ride through grid voltage faults and frequency swings. Readers will also discover how to derive mathematical models of different types of energy systems and build simulation models for those systems.

Modeling and Control of Electrical Energy Systems provides end-of chapter examples and problems, as well as:
* A thorough introduction to power electronic conversion, including power electronics and standard power electronic converters
* An in-depth treatment of feedback control systems, including frequency-domain (transfer function) approaches and time-domain (state space) approaches
* Comprehensive discussions of direct current DERs and single-phase alternating current DERs
* Fulsome explorations of three-phase distributed energy resources

Perfect for researchers, practitioners, and professors with an interest in electronically interfaced modern energy systems, Modeling and Control of Modern Electrical Energy Systems will also earn a place in the libraries of senior undergraduate and graduate students of electrical engineering.

Author Biography xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Acronyms xxi

Symbols xxv

Introduction xxvii

Part I Power Electronic Conversion 1

1 Power Electronics 3

1.1 Power Electronics Based Conversion 3

1.2 Power Electronic Switches 4

1.3 Types of Power Electronic Converters 6

1.4 Applications of Power Electronics in Power Engineering 6

1.5 Summary and Conclusion 8

2 Standard Power Electronic Converters 11

2.1 Standard Buck Converter 11

2.2 Standard Boost Converter 20

2.3 Standard Inverting Buck-Boost Converter 24

2.4 Standard Four-Switch Buck-Boost Converter 26

2.5 Standard Bidirectional Converter 29

2.6 Single-Phase Half-Bridge VSC 30

2.7 Full-Bridge VSC 37

2.8 Three-Phase VSC 40

2.9 Modeling of Converter Delays 43

2.10 Summary and Conclusion 44

Part II Feedback Control Systems 49

3 Frequency-Domain (Transfer Function) Approach 51

3.1 Key Concepts 51

3.2 Open-Loop Control 56

3.3 Closed-Loop (or Feedback) Control 57

3.4 Some Feedback Loop Properties 67

3.5 Summary and Conclusion 69

4 Time-Domain (State Space) Approach 73

4.1 State Space Representation and Properties 73

4.2 State Feedback 76

4.3 State Estimator 78

4.4 Optimal Control 81

4.5 Summary and Conclusion 89

Part III Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) 93

5 Direct-Current (dc) DERs 95

5.1 Introduction 95

5.2 Overview of a Solar PV Conversion System 97

5.3 Power Control via Current Feedback Loop 100

5.4 Grid Voltage Support 113

5.5 Analysis ofWeak Grid Condition 133

5.6 Load Voltage Control 135

5.7 Grid-Forming Converter Controls 142

5.8 Control Scenarios in a PV Converter 152

5.9 LCL Filter 167

5.10 Summary and Conclusion 179

6 Single-Phase Alternating-Current (ac) DERs 181

6.1 Power Balance in a dc/ac System 181

6.2 Power Control Method via Current Feedback Loop (CFL) 183

6.3 Grid-Supportive Controls 204

6.4 dc Voltage Control and Support 219

6.5 Load Voltage Control and Support 235

6.6 DERs in a Hybrid ac/dc Network 243

6.7 Summary and Conclusion 244

7 Three-Phase DERs 249

7.1 Introduction 249

7.2 Three-Phase PLL 255

7.3 Vector Current Control in Stationary Domain 262

7.4 Vector Current Control in Synchronous Reference Frame 277

7.5 Grid-Supportive Controls 297

7.6 dc Side Voltage Control and Support 307

7.7 Load Voltage Control and Support 318

7.8 Summary and Conclusion 334

Problems 335

References 338

8 Summary and Conclusion 341

Index 345
Masoud Karimi-Ghartemani, PhD, is a Professor in the Power and Control Group with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Mississippi State University. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and the author of Enhanced Phase-Locked Looped (EPLL) Structures for Power and Energy Applications.

M. Karimi-Ghartemani, Mississippi State University