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Ultrasound Technology for Clinical Practitioners

Oates, Crispian


1. Auflage Februar 2023
384 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-89155-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Ultrasound Technology for Clinical Practitioners

A hands-on and practical roadmap to ultrasound technology for clinical practitioners who use it every day

In Ultrasound Technology for Clinical Practitioners, distinguished medical physicist and vascular ultrasound scientist Crispian Oates delivers an accessible and practical resource written for the everyday clinical user of ultrasound. The book offers complete descriptions of the latest techniques in ultrasound, including ultrafast ultrasound and elastography, providing an up-to-date and relevant resource for educators, students, and practitioners alike.

Ultrasound Technology for Clinical Practitioners uses a first-person perspective that walks readers through a relevant and memorable story containing necessary information, simplifying retention and learning. It makes extensive use of bulleted lists, diagrams, and images, and relies on mathematics and equations only where necessary to illustrate the relationship between other factors. Physics examples come from commonly known contexts that readers can relate to their everyday lives, and additional description boxes offer optional, helpful info in some topic areas.

Readers will also find:
* A thorough introduction to the foundational physics of ultrasound, as well as the propagation of the ultrasound pulse through tissue
* Comprehensive discussions of beam shapes, transducers, imaging techniques, and pulse echo instrumentation
* In-depth examination of image quality and artefacts and the principles of Doppler and colour Doppler ultrasound
* Fulsome treatments of measurement taking and safety and quality assurance in ultrasound

Perfect for sonographers, echocardiographers, and vascular scientists, Ultrasound Technology for Clinical Practitioners will also earn a place in the libraries of radiologists, cardiologists, emergency medicine specialists, and all other clinical users of ultrasound.

Crispian Oates is a Medical Physicist and Clinical Scientist in ultrasound. He helped devise the physics and technology curriculum for the Vascular Ultrasound track of the NHS Scientist Training Programme and sits on the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education CASE. He is also a vascular ultrasound scientist at the Vascular Laboratories in Newcastle, Sunderland, and Durham in the United Kingdom.

C. Oates, Newcastle University, UK