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82nd Conference on Glass Problems, Volume 270

Sundaram, S. K. (Herausgeber)

Ceramic Transaction Series


1. Auflage Oktober 2022
192 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-90454-0
John Wiley & Sons

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The latest issue in the industry-leading Ceramic Transactions series The most up to date entry in the Ceramic Transactions series published by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS), Ceramic Transactions: Volume 270 delivers the newest research, data, and information relevant to advanced ceramics and composites, electronic ceramics, energy materials, biomaterials, environmental issues, waste management, and nanotechnology.

Foreword vii

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Plenary 1

The United Nations International Year of Glass-2022 3
Manoj K. Choudhary, L. David Pye, and Alicia Duran

Re-Balancing the Issue-Driven Sustainability Dialogue That is Hurting Glass. How We Got Here and What We Do About It 11
Randolph L. Burns

Collaboration in Competitive Spaces 23
Aston Fuller

The Green Story of Cardinal FG 29
Milo Renberg

Refractories 31

Mullitisation: The Key to Regenerating Regenerators 33
Christopher Windle

Know What's In Your Furnace: All Bonded AZS Refractory Brick Are Not The Same 51
J. Terry Fisk

How Efficient Non-Destructive Controls of Fused-Cast AZS will Support High Quality Glass Melting 61
Isabelle Cabodi, Zi Kang Low, Pierrick Vespa, Mélanie Allen-Larut, Michel Gaubil, and Frederic Pomar

Data, Chemistry, and Energy 75

Ultrafast Glass Engineering 77
S. K. Sundaram

Operating a Heat Exchanger on Guardian Glass Carleton, Michigan Float Glass Plant 87
Martin Schroeter

Energy/combustion 93

Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery in an Oxyfuel Melter 95
Adam Polcyn

Glass Melt Quality Optimization by Mathematical Modeling of Redox and Bubbles in the Glass Melt 109
Andries Habraken, Oscar Verheijen, Adriaan Lankhorst, Anne-Jans Faber, and Corinne Claireaux

Sensors/energy 117

Carbon Reduction Comparison of Electric or Hydrogen Power 119
H. P. H. Muijsenberg, Hans Mahrenholtz, Glenn Neff, Norie Neff, Stuart Hakes, Christoph Jatzwauk, and Andreas Birle

Preparing for Sustainable Glass Production - Technical and Economic Investigation of Next Generation Fuels for Glass Melters 139
Martin Adendorff, Robert L. Bell, Shrikar Chakravarti, Hisashi Kobayashi, and Minish Shah

In-Furnace Thermal Imaging Survey of a Float Furnace for Combustion Optimization 153
Neil G Simpson and Philippe Kerbois