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The Privacy Mission

Achieving Ethical Data for Our Lives Online

Machon, Annie


1. Auflage September 2022
240 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-90696-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Future-proof yourself and your organization against known threats to privacy and online safety

The subject of data ethics has never been more urgent. This is no longer an academic or niche geek issue as it has been since the inception of the internet and the world wide web. Data ethics is an issue that affects all of us now as our personal and professional lives increasingly take place online.
* Who controls access to the hardware, who runs the software, who can spy on us, hack us, data farm us?
* What are the threats that we need to mitigate against democratically, societally, and personally?
* How can corporations protect us and how can that help their bottom line?

The Privacy Mission aims to answer these questions and summarise both the overarching concepts and principles about why data ethics is important. It offers practical solutions for companies, policy makers and individuals to push back against known threats and future proof themselves going forward.



Part One: Privacy and Why We Should Care

Chapter 1: Our Human Rights Online

Chapter 2: Gamekeeper Turned Poacher

Chapter 3: How Did We Get Here?

Part Two: The Dark Triad

Chapter 4: Spooks

Chapter 5: Corporations

Chapter 6: Criminals

Chapter 7: Media Control

Chapter 8: Cyber Warfare

Part Three: Solutions

Chapter 9: Individual

Chapter 10: Corporate

Chapter 11: Government

Chapter 12: Utopia or Dystopia?


About the Author

ANNIE MACHON is an international public speaker, writer, media commentator, and political campaigner. She is a Director of the World Ethical Data Foundation. Machon is a former MI5 agent and the European Director of the drug reform organisation, Law Enforcement Action Partnership.