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To the Moon Investing

Visually Mapping Your Winning Stock Market Portfolio

Frank, Kelly J.


1. Auflage Dezember 2022
288 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-91192-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Hands-on, practical strategies to build your financial future

In To the Moon Investing: Visually Mapping Your Winning Stock-Market Portfolio, veteran asset investor Kelly James Frank delivers an exciting and intuitive fresh approach that enables you to navigate an increasingly volatile market through the use of tailored portfolio maps.

In the book, you'll learn how to understand risk and how it affects you as an investor, how to prepare for your investing future, and how to uncover why you want to invest. You'll also shore up your financial literacy and explore the difference between growth and value strategies.

The book offers a vivid and innovative approach to investing that you'll actually have fun reading and its engaging philosophy ensures you'll be able to put your newfound knowledge to work immediately. You'll discover:
* The interconnected five factors that determine a share's current and future value
* Summaries, charts and sketches to help you remember the book's key insights and that you can use to record your own market observations and understanding
* An exploration of macroeconomics that sheds light on how decisions made by the Fed and the government can impact you as an individual investor

The perfect combination of fun and informative, To the Moon Investing: Visually Mapping Your Winning Stock-Market Portfolio is an energetic and authoritative playbook to building a resilient and profitable investment portfolio.

Preface 4

Introduction 5

Part 1: Moonscape 13

Chapter 1: Risk & Mindsets 13

Chapter 2: Preparation 17

Chapter 3: Some Helpful Math! 24

Part 2: Fuel 29

Chapter 4: Portfolio Guardrails: Quantity to Own & Diversification 29

Chapter 5: Snapshot of Financial Statements 32

Chapter 6: Financial Benchmarking 38

Part 3: Navigation 50

Chapter 7: Radar: Trendspotting and Correlations 50

Chapter 8: Making Sense of Corporate Strategy 60

Chapter 9: The Five-Stack Discovery 68

Part 4: The Equalizer 128

Chapter 10: The Double Eye: Imagination and Ideating 128

Chapter 11: Visual Investment Maps to Guide You! 133

Part 5: to the Moon! 142

Chapter 12: Execution of Your Stock Trade: Stops & Limits 143

Chapter 13: Information Satellites 148

Chapter 14: Other Plays: Options, Shorting, and Crypto 149

Chapter 15: Helpful Principles and Touchpoints 157

Chapter 16: Conclusion 161

Appendix A: Real-Life Financial Word-Fest 163

Appendix B: CPI 171

Appendix C: Unemployment Rate 171

Appendix D: GDP 172

Appendix E: Treasuries 173

Appendix F: Oil Prices 174

Appendix G: VIX 174

Appendix H: The Federal Reserve 175

Appendix I. Sector Components 176
KELLY JAMES FRANK is the founder of 13.8 Capital, an asset management firm focused on growth investments. He is passionate about finding solutions for the homeless challenge and gratefully spends his spare time wandering between the Rocky Mountains and Oahu.