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Strategies for Organization Design

Using the Peopletecture Model to Improve Collaboration and Performance

McDowell, Tiffany


1. Auflage März 2023
240 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-17096-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Design better organizations with humans at the center

In Strategies for Organization Design: Using the Peopletecture Model to Improve Collaboration and Performance, EY's People Advisory Principal, Dr. Tiffany McDowell, delivers an insightful exploration of organization design. Dr. McDowell combines expertise in both applied management and psychology to solve stubborn company challenges with practical solutions. Readers will have the opportunity to apply these solutions immediately to create positive impact, deal with rapid change, and consistently innovate at scale.

In the book, you'll learn to:
* Accelerate organizational transformation in a data-driven and evidence-based way
* Make your organization's work mean and matter more to the people doing it
* Use insights drawn from network science, human motivation, behavioral economics, and organization theory to drive meaningful collaboration

A groundbreaking, yet accessible new approach to building an exciting, innovative, and future-proofed organization, Strategies for Organization Design deserves a place in the hands of managers, executives, and other business leaders--as well as the consultants and specialists who serve them and their companies--who are looking for hands-on solutions twenty-first century business challenges.



Chapter 1: Right Intentions, Wrong Focus

Chapter 2: Solving the Right Problem

Chapter 3: The Peopletecture Model

Chapter 4: Hierarchy

Chapter 5: Networks

Chapter 6: Hierarchy vs. Networks

Chapter 7: Measurement

Chapter 8: Membership

Chapter 9: Responsibility

Chapter 10: Teaming

Chapter 11: Purpose and Utility

Chapter 12: Peopletecture for Individuals and Managers

Chapter 13: Where Should You Start?

Chapter 14: Conclusion: What's Next?




About the Author

TIFFANY MCDOWELL, PHD, is a Principal at Ernst and Young, LLP. She has advised dozens of Fortune 500 CXOs on the topic of organization design, has published in academic journals and on innovations in the field of organizational design, and has taught the subject at multiple universities over the years. Tiffany is uniquely positioned to be the authority on this topic, having built one of the largest and most successful organization design practices in the world by bringing scientifically proven ideas together with a long and successful consulting career. She completed her BA in Psychology at the University of British Columbia, her MBA at Simon Fraser University and her PhD in Industrial Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology.