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Field Hydrogeology

Brassington, Rick

The Geological Field Guide Series


5. Auflage Oktober 2023
240 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-18062-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Field Hydrogeology

Pocket-sized field workbook for students studying hydrogeology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

The fully revised Fifth Edition of Field Hydrogeology serves as a comprehensive guide to conducting a hydrogeological study, beautifully presented with full colour photos and diagrams throughout, in a practical pocket size for easy use in the field. This new edition includes recent developments in the environmental regulations, with particular focus on the use of innovative technology.

New topics in the Fifth Edition include the monitoring of boreholes using piezometers, how to identify the origin of water in the basement of a building, and an expanded section on geothermal energy. The text also includes case studies and text boxes to aid in reader comprehension, with a particular emphasis on practical application throughout.

The Fifth Edition of Field Hydrogeology addresses key topics such as:

* Horizontal wells and shallow aquifers

* Complicated flow rates through the unsaturated zone

* The use of tritium, chlorofluorocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride in recharge studies

* Cleaning of boreholes using hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid

Field Hydrogeology is an essential tool for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Geology, Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology and Engineering courses who are learning to conduct fieldwork and need a handy pocket-sized guide to accompany them into the field.

Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. Desk Study 3. Field Evaluation of Aquifers 4. Groundwater Levels 5. Rainfall, Springs and Streams 6. Pumping Tests 7. Groundwater Chemistry 8. Recharge Estimation 9. Specialist Techniques 10. Practical Applications Appendix A: Good Working Practice Appendix B: Conversion Factors References and Further Reading Index
Rick Brassington worked in the UK public water industry for some 24 years before moving into consultancy. He was employed at director level in three major companies before setting up his own consultancy in 1998. He has also been the Visiting Professor of Hydrogeology in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University since 2007.

R. Brassington, Newcastle University, UK