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Last Drinks

How to Drink Less and Be Your Best

Compton, Maz


1. Auflage Juli 2023
240 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-18423-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Change your relationship with alcohol in just 30 days

Informative, relatable and thought-provoking, Last Drinks is a deep dive for the sober curious that invites you to enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Maz Compton, celebrated TV personality, radio host, and podcaster -- and sober since 2015-- delivers honest, science-backed information about how cutting back your alcohol intake can improve your everyday life. Maz and her interviewees reveal candid, deeply personal stories about how and why they decided to stop drinking. Working with a range of health experts, Maz also shares practical strategies for reframing your relationship with alcohol. Her unique Sober 30 Plan will help you kick-start your sobriety in just 30 days.

Last Drinks unpacks how alcohol affects the mind and body, questions the cultures and norms around drinking and identifies the common signs that habitual drinking might be negatively impacting you.
* Find motivation and encouragement through inspirational stories shared by those who have been there and gotten sober, including from well-known Australians like Osher Günsberg, Yumi Stynes, Alexa Towersey (aka Action Alexa), David Campbell, and Matt Agnew.
* Identify and articulate your relationship with alcohol using practical activities and a straightforward self-assessment.
* Curate a personal Sobriety Toolkit of strategies and tips that will set you up for sober success.
* Get a comprehensive Sober 30 Plan (approved by addiction experts!) that will guide and help you through your first thirty days of sobriety.

If you are seeking a way to be more present, less dependent, and more proactive in managing your wellbeing, Last Drinks is the guide that will help you unleash your sober superpowers.

Maz Compton is co-host of Hit NSW's breakfast show and the creator and host of the Last Drinks podcast. Sober since 2015 she explores sobriety and sober curiosity through an honest and engaging lens.