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From Data To Profit

How Businesses Leverage Data to Grow Their Top and Bottom Lines

Vashishta, Vin


1. Auflage Juli 2023
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-19621-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Transform your company's AI and data frameworks to unlock the true power of disruptive new tech

In From Data to Profit: How Businesses Leverage Data to Grow Their Top and Bottom Lines, accomplished entrepreneur and AI strategist Vineet Vashishta delivers an engaging and insightful new take on making the most of data, artificial intelligence, and technology at your company. You'll learn to change the culture, strategy, structure, and operational framework of your company to take full advantage of disruptive advances in tech.

The author explores fascinating work being undertaken by firms in the real world, as well as high-value use cases and innovative projects and products made possible by realigning organizational frameworks using the capabilities of new technologies. He explains how to get everyone in your company on the same page, following a single framework, in a way that ensures individual departments get what they want and need.

You'll learn to outline a comprehensive technical vision and purpose that respects departmental autonomy over their core competencies while guaranteeing that they all get the tools they need to make technology their partner. You'll also discover why firms that have adopted a holistic strategy toward AI and data have enjoyed results far beyond those experienced by those that have taken a piecemeal approach.

From Data to Profit demonstrates the proper role of the CEO during an intensive transformation: one of maintaining culture during the change. It offers advice for organizational change, including the 3-Phase Data Organizational Development Framework, the Core Rim 3 Main People Groups Framework, and the way to implement new roles for a Chief Digital Officer and Technical Strategist.

Perfect for data professionals, data organizational leaders, and data product and process owners, From Data to Profit will also benefit executives, managers, and other business leaders seeking hands-on advice for digital transformation at their firms.

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 Overview of the Frameworks 1

Chapter 2 There Is No Finish Line 15

Chapter 3 Why Is Transformation So Hard? 37

Chapter 4 Final vs. Evolutionary Decision Culture 59

Chapter 5 The Disruptor's Mindset 71

Chapter 6 A Data- Driven Definition of Strategy 89

Chapter 7 The Monolith--Technical Strategy 103

Chapter 8 Who Survives Disruption? 125

Chapter 9 Data--The Business's Hidden Giant 139

Chapter 10 The AI Maturity Model 155

Chapter 11 The Human-Machine Maturity Model 171

Chapter 12 A Vision for AI Opportunities 185

Chapter 13 Discovering AI Treasure 201

Chapter 14 Large Model Monetization Strategies--Quick Wins 215

Chapter 15 Large Model Monetization Strategies--The Bigger Picture 229

Chapter 16 Assessing the Business's AI Maturity 251

Chapter 17 Building the Data and AI Strategy 273

Chapter 18 Building the Center of Excellence 287

Chapter 19 Data and AI Product Strategy 301

Index 325
VIN VASHISHTA is the Founder of V Squared and its Chief Revenue Officer and technical strategist. He builds data and AI strategies for SMEs and Fortune 500 clients. He has over 25 years' experience in technology with a background in science, strategy, leadership, applied machine learning research, and software engineering.