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Successful Management in Foodservice Operations

An Overview

Hayes, David K. / Ninemeier, Jack D.

Foodservice Operations: The Essentials


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ISBN: 978-1-394-20849-4
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Comprehensive resource covering key 'need-to-know' aspects of how to run a food service operation, with unique perspective from restaurant managers

Successful Management in Foodservice Operations is a single volume textbook addressing the overall operation of a successful food service business, including planning for success, ensuring excellence in production and service, and generating optimal levels of operating profits. The purpose of this book is to teach foodservice operators what they must know, and do, in order to achieve their own definitions of success.

The book covers the major changes to food delivery processes and systems forced by the COVID pandemic, changes to the system of accounts for restaurants, flexibility of employee management due to COVID-enforced changes, and more.

Each chapter ends with features to enable reader comprehension and practical application of concepts. These include: 'A Manager's 10-Point Effectiveness Checklist' offering ideas for management actions, and mini-case studies entitled 'What Would You Do?' with suggested answers.

Successful Management in Foodservice Operations also discusses:

* Reading a Uniform Systems of Accounts for Restaurants (USAR) income statement, identifying a target market, and creating an effective proprietary website

* Managing marketing on third-party operated websites and labor costs and preparing and monitoring an operating budget

* Creating a profitable menu, successfully pricing menu items, recruiting, selecting, and training team members, and controlling food and beverage production costs

* Running food trucks and 'ghost' restaurants, where no customers actually visit the 'restaurant' in person other than to pick-up pre-ordered food

Successful Management in Foodservice Operations is an authoritative, accessible, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand reference for introductory students in programs of study related to hospitality management and food service operations. It also appeals to individuals interested in running their own restaurant or food service operation.

Part of Wiley's Foodservice Operations: The Essentials series.

Preface ix

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1 The Operator's Role in Successful Foodservice Management 1

2 Accounting and Financial Management in Foodservice Operations 26

3 Successful Marketing in Foodservice Operations 56

4 Web-Based Marketing on Proprietary Sites 83

5 Web-Based Marketing on Third-Party Operated Sites 107

6 Creating and Managing the Menu 136

7 Successful Menu Pricing 164

8 Successful Employee Staffing and Training 191

9 Managing Food and Beverage Production and Service 223

10 Managing the Cost of Labor and Other Foodservice Expense 248

11 Revenue Control 272

12 Planning and Budgeting for Success 294

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David Hayes, PhD, has taught hospitality courses at Purdue University, Texas Tech University, The University of Houston, and Lansing Community College. He has served as the Vice President of Broadcast and Video Training for the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

Jack Ninemeier, PhD, is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. He has many years' experience developing and providing training and resource materials for commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations. He has also written several hundred articles for trade journals and created training monographs.

D. K. Hayes, Purdue University; Texas Tech University; University of Houston; Lansing Community College; J. D. Ninemeier, Michigan State University