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The Investor's Dilemma Decoded

Recognize Misinformation, Filter the Noise, and Reach Your Goals

Silk, Roger D.


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368 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-22035-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Few aspects of life are as important as personal finance, as subject to your control, and as suffused with misinformation, noise, and confusion.

Now, authors Dr. Roger D. Silk and Katherine A. Silk cut through that confusion and share with you the fruits of their knowledge and experience developed over the last 43 years. After completing a Ph.D. at Stanford where he studied at the cutting edge of finance theory, Dr. Silk's experience includes managing billions of dollars at the World Bank and running a family office for one of the nation's wealthiest families. For the last 26 years as CEO of the nation's leading firm which advises high net worth individuals on financial and other aspects of their philanthropy, Dr. Silk has worked with countless individual investors and financial professionals. Katherine Silk, who holds a master's in history from Stanford, adds a valuable and often-missing historical perspective.

Their weekly blog, dealing in depth with a variety of financial, economic, and planning issues, is read by thousands.

Unlike many authors in the Personal Finance space, the Silks have the deep technical expertise (it's hard to get a graduate degree from Stanford without it), decades of experience, and the rare ability to express complex ideas in clear, easy-to-understand prose.

When Gary Taubes wrote The Case for Keto, he considered calling it "How to Think About How to Eat." Similarly, The Investor's Dilemma Decoded could be titled "How to Think about How to Invest." Investor's Dilemma gives you the tools that 99.9% of investors never master -- these tools allow you to understand how to think about almost any category of investment, and almost any investment product or program.

In addition, the authors take a deep dive into topics including

* What actually generates investment returns (it's probably not what you think)

* Is owning a home an investment (you'll learn why the answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no)

* Should you own gold (clue: the largest gold holders in the world are central banks)

* What is a hedge, and are commodity funds an inflation hedge

* What many well-known investment personalities get wrong on about returns (they tell the truth, but it's the wrong truth)

* What risk is, and isn't, and why the "safe" course might be the riskiest (but the government says it's safe).

* How professional financial advisors can add huge value to their individual clients (it's not by picking the best stocks)

Should you read this book? If you want to understand how professionals think about investing, about what is realistic and unrealistic, and learn to spot the difference between a Bull Market and Bull-xxxx, the answer is yes.

1. Time Value of Money 7

2. Basic Investment Analysis 16

3. Bonds/Fixed Income/Loans 28

4. Equities 44

5. Real Estate 60

6. Gold and Gold Stocks 79

7. Futures and Commodities 87

8. Mutual Funds 103

9. Basic Portfolio Theory 107

10. Financial Leverage 127

11. Risk 133

12. Assembling a portfolio 148

13. Portfolio Simulations 177

14. Professional Advice 189

15. From Theory to Practice 201

16. Appendix - Some Math of Diversification 203