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Drugs, Brain, and Behavior

Bailey, Scott / Grover, Cathy


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The goal of this book is to provide an introduction to psychoactivedrugs and behavior. Drugs and Behavior will focus on theinterrelationship between psychological and physiological processesthat are often overlooked by textbooks in this market. With theincreased interest in neuroscience, the authors pay particularattention ito behavioral and nervous system processes as theyrelate to drugs and drug use, as well as their implications forspecific drug categories. Using a unique approach, the authorsintegrate relevant examples from history, popular culture, andliterature that will engage students and help illustrate concepts.Color diagrams of neurons, neurotransmitters, and brain anatomywill provide students with structural representations that willenhance their understanding of the psychological and physiologicalprocesses involved in drug interaction. In a student-friendly andaccessible manner, this text offers students both a scientificexamination of the effects of drugs on behavior and anunderstanding of the contemporary issues related to drug use andabuse. Key features include:

* * Presentation of nerve cell and neuroanatomical issues importantfor understanding the mechanisms of actions of psychoactivedrugs.

* Learning theory based explanations of reward and punishment.This focus would include discussion of these concepts as they applyto behavior in general, as well as to specific drugs.

* Presentation of drugs and drug trade as significantinternational and cross-cultural issues.

* Use of historic, visual art, film and literature-basedperspectives on drugs and drug use.

* Consideration of legal and economic impact of drug trade anduse.

* End of chapter critical thinking questions to encourage furtherdiscussion

* Accompanying Web site will include updates on research andrelated web links

* Supplements should include: Instructor's manual with test bank- hard copy and on CD-ROM; and Power Point Slides

Basic Issues in Drug Research.

Chapter 1 The Context of Psychoactive Drugs and Drug Use.

Chapter 2 Sources of Drug Effect Variability.

Overview of Nervous System, Nerve Cell Activity, andAddictive Behavior.

Chapter 3 Brain and Behavior.

Chapter 4 Neurotransmission and Drug Pharmacodynamics.

Chapter 5 Addictive Behavior.

Specific Agents.

Chapter 6 Xanthines.

Chapter 7 Nicotine.

Chapter 8 Cocaine, Amphetamines and Other BehavioralStimulants.

Chapter 9 Alcohol.

Chapter 10 Other Central Nervous System Depressants.

Chapter 11 Opioids.

Chapter 12 Marijuana and Hashish.

Chapter 13 Hallucinogens.

Chapter 14 Psychotherapeutic Drugs.

Drug Use in Perspective.

Chapter 15 Drug Use in Perspective
Scott A. Bailey is Associate Professor and Chair ofPsychology at Texas Lutheran University. His research interestsinclude the biological basis of learning and memory. He has writtennumerous articles in psychopharmacology for the Bulletin of thePsychonomic Societyand the Sociey for Neuroscience; wasa contributor to the Blackwell Handbook on Research Methods inExperimental Psychology; and is the author of a study guide andtest bank for a leading introductory psychology text.

Cathy A. Grover is Assistant Professor of Psychology atEmporia State University. Her research interests include behavioralneurotoxicology, neuropsychopharmacology, and the biological basisof learning and memory.

S. Bailey, Texas Lutheran University, USA; C. Grover, Emporia State University, USA