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A Companion to North Africa in Antiquity

Hitchner, R. Bruce (Herausgeber)

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World


1. Auflage April 2022
496 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4443-5001-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Explore a one-of-a-kind and authoritative resource on Ancient North Africa

A Companion to North Africa in Antiquity, edited by a recognized leader in the field, is the first reference work of its kind in English. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of North Africa's rich history from the Protohistoric period through Late Antiquity (1000 BCE to the 800 CE).

Comprised of twenty-four thematic and topical essays by established and emerging scholars covering the area between ancient Tripolitania and the Atlantic Ocean, including the Sahara, the volume introduces readers to Ancient North Africa's environment, peoples, institutions, literature, art, economy and more, taking into account the significant body of new research and fieldwork that has been produced over the last fifty years.

A Companion to North Africa in Antiquity is an essential resource for anyone interested in this important region of the Ancient World.

Illustrations ix

Preface xiii
R. Bruce Hitchner

North Africa Maps xv

List of Abbreviations xxiv

Notes on Contributors xxv

Part I Setting the Stage 1

1 The Historiography of North Africa in Antiquity: An Overview 3
R. Bruce Hitchner

2 Archaeology 9
David L. Stone

3 The Environment of North Africa 24
Philippe Leveau

Part II Africa in the First Millennium BCE 39

4 Libyan Culture and Society 41
Joan Sanmartí

5 Beyond Barbarians: The Garamantes of the Libyan Sahara 64
David J. Mattingly

6 Punic Carthage 81
Iván Fumadó Ortega

7 Africa under the Roman Republic 101
Matthew S. Hobson

Part III The Roman Period (146 BCE-439 CE) 117

8 African Rome. The City of Carthage from its Roman (Re-)foundation to the End of the Byzantine Period 119
Ralf Bockmann

9 Roman Imperial Administration 142
Jesper Carlsen

10 The Army 152
Patrice Faure

11 Roman North African Urbanism 173
J. Andrew Dufton and Elizabeth Fentress

12 Rural Settlement, Land Use, and Economy 202
Mariette de Vos Raaijmakers

13 The African Economy: The Ceramic Evidence 220
Michel Bonifay

14 Prose Literature 233
Stéphanie Guédon

15 Architecture and Art 247
Niccolò Mugnai

16 Transforming Religion under the Roman Empire: The Case of Africa 285
Matthew M. McCarty

17 Society and Culture in Late Roman Africa 299
Julio Cesar Magalhães de Oliveira

18 The Mauri in Late Antiquity 317
Andy Merrills

19 Imperial and Late Latin Poetry from North Africa 332
Helen Kaufmann

20 Christian North Africa in Antiquity 354
Anna Leone

Part IV From the Vandal Kingdom to the Arab Conquest (439-711 CE) 373

21 The Vandals 375
Jonathan P. Conant

22 The Byzantine Period 391
Andy Merrills

23 Late Roman, Vandal, and Byzantine Coinage in Africa 410
Cécile Morrisson

24 The Arab Conquests and the End of Ancient Africa? 424
Corisande Fenwick

Index 439
R. Bruce Hitchner is Professor of Classical Studies and International Relations, and Chair of Classical Studies at Tufts. He has directed major archaeological projects in both Tunisia and France. His research and scholarship is focused on the economy and society of the Roman World, and he is also a policy specialist and author of work on contemporary Bosnia and the Western Balkans.

R. B. Hitchner, Tufts University