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Alternative Takes to the City

Micha, Irène / Vaiou, Dina


1. Auflage Dezember 2019
180 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-78630-294-6
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This book will resemble city-based approaches to reveal the mosaic of relationships and socio-spatial situations that make up the plurality of everyday space in contemporary cities. The issue of authors is part of the theoretical framework dealing with the "relationship" space, as the product of interrelations, the dynamic sphere of possibilities and multiplicity in which separate human trajectories coexist (see among others Doreen Massey, Edward Soja). The reflection is based in particular on the multidisciplinary study of new forms of mobility, as well as its gender and spatial implications, in the context of southern Europe and through a particular perspective. This context, characterized by a great diversity, is perceived as a complex and contradictory space, a veritable laboratory of the local practice of everyday life, as well as the globalization of flows and networks. On this basis, the authors try, in various cases of study, to highlight many aspects of urban life, those which are the least visible, often unequal and conflicting. By focusing on various daily practices and the survival struggle of different social groups, they revise the timeless aspects of the city in different contexts and circumstances.

1. Introduction - about the theoretical framework and methodological choices (Irene Micha and Dina Vaiou)

2. The power of time and the governance of space in urban life (Gabriella Paolucci)

3. The kind of everyday life. Restructuring of care in Athens (Dina Vaiou)

4. Social citizenship and social movements in response to housing needs (Marisol García)

5. Migrant women in public spaces (Nicosia, Rome, Naples, Malta) (Camille Schmoll)

6. Flows and networks of children's daily lives in various districts of Athens (Irène Micha)

7. Mirror spatial inequalities. Migrant and non-migrant in the Naples area (Adelina Miranda)

8. Views of the "Other" through religious practices in Athens and the public discussion of Islamic mosques (Penny Koutrolikou)