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Aptamers for Analytical Applications

Affinity Acquisition and Method Design

Dong, Yiyang (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Dezember 2018
XX, 406 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-34267-9
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


Adopting a methodological view, important aspects of aptamer generation and modification are discussed. The book has a strong emphasis on method developments for relevant applications.

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An essential guide that puts the focus on method developments and applications in aptamers

In recent years, aptamer-based systems have been developed for a wide-range of analytical and medical applications. Aptamers for Analytical Applications offers an introduction to the topic, outlines the common protocols for aptamer synthesis, as well as providing information on the different optimization strategies that can obtain higher affinities to target molecules. The contributors?noted experts on the topic?provide an in-depth review of the characterization of aptamer-target molecule interaction and immobilization strategies and discuss the developments of methods for all the relevant applications.

The book outlines different schemes to efficiently immobilize aptamers on substrates as well as summarizing the characterization methods for aptamer-ligand complexes. In addition, aptamer-based colorimetric, enzyme-linked, fluorescent, electrochemical, lateral flow and non-labeling analytical methods are presented. The book also reflects state-of-the-art and emerging applications of aptamer-based methods. This important resource:

-Provides a guide to aptamers which provide highly specific and sensitive molecular recognition, with affinities in the range of antibodies and are much cheaper to produce
-Offers a discussion of the analytical method developments and improvements with established systems and beyond
-Offers a comprehensive guide to all the relevant application areas
-Presents an authoritative book from contributors who are noted experts in the field

Written for analytical chemists, biochemists, analytical researchers, Aptamers for Analytical Applications is a comprehensive book that adopts a methodological point of view to the important aspects of aptamer generation and modification with a strong emphasis on method developments for relevant applications.

Introduction of aptamers and its analytical merits
Protocols of SELEX and important SELEX variants
In chemico modification of aptamers for better recognition
In silico modification of aptamers for better recognition
Immobilization of aptamers on substrates
Characterization of aptamer-ligand complexes
Utilization of aptamers for sample preparation and pretreatment
Development of colorimetric aptamer-based analytical methods
Development of aptamer linked immunosorbent assays
Development of aptamer-based fluorescence methods
Development of aptamer-based electrochemical methods
Development of aptamer-based optical sensors
Development of aptamer-based lateral flow immunoassays
Challenges of SELEX and demerits of aptamer-based bioassays
Visions of aptamers and emerging applications
Yiyang Dong, PhD, is Professor and Director of the Food Safety & Risk Assessment Laboratory of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) in Beijing, China.