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RAFT Polymerization

Methods, Synthesis and Applications

Moad, Graeme / Rizzardo, Ezio (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage November 2021
XXXVI, 1244 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-34495-6
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


Spanning the entire field from mechanism to theory, from different methods to applications in material science, industrial chemistry and medicine: this one-stop source is THE comprehensive reference edited by pioneers in the field.

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Vom Mechanismus bis zur Theorie, von verschiedenen Methoden bis zu Anwendungen in der Materialwissenschaft, der industriellen Chemie und der Medizin: Dieses umfassende Universalwerk ist die maßgebliche Referenz im Bereich der RAFT-Polymerisation, herausgegeben von den führenden Wissenschaftlern auf diesem Gebiet.

Terminology in Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization (RDRP) and Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Polymerization.
How to do a RAFT Polymerisation
Kinetics and Mechanism of RAFT Polymerizations
RAFT Mechanisms
Quantum-Chemical Studies of RAFT Polymerization
Mathematical Modeling of RAFT Polymerization
Dithioesters in RAFT Polymerization
Trithiocarbonates in RAFT Polymerization
Xanthates in RAFT Polymerization
Dithiocarbamates in RAFT Polymerization
PhotoRAFT Polymerization
Redox initiated RAFT Polymerization and (Electro)Chemical Activation of RAFT Agents
Considerations for and Applications of Aqueous RAFT Polymerization
RAFT-Mediated Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly (PISA)
RAFT Functional End-Groups: Installation and Transformation
Sequence-Encoded RAFT oligomers and polymers
Synthesis and Application of Reactive Polymers via RAFT Polymerization
RAFT Crosslinking Polymerization
Complex Polymeric Architectures Synthesised through RAFT Polymerization
Star Polymers by RAFT Polymerization
Surface and Particle Modification via RAFT Polymerization: An Update
High Throughput / High Output Experimentation in RAFT Polymer Synthesis
An Industrial History of RAFT Polymerization
Cationic RAFT Polymerization

Graeme Moad obtained his BSc (Hons, First Class, 1974) and PhD (1978) from the University of Adelaide in organic free radical chemistry. Between 1977 and 1979, he undertook post-doctoral research at Pennsylvania State University. He joined CSIRO in 1979 where he currently holds the position of CSIRO fellow. Dr Moad is (co)author of over 200 publications, co-inventor on 38 patent families (17 relate to RAFT) and co-author of the book ?The Chemistry of Radical Polymerization? (3rd edition in preparation). His research interests lie in the fields of polymerization mechanisms, and polymer design and synthesis. In recognition of his work Dr Moad was awarded a CSIRO medal in 2003, the RACI?s Battaerd-Jordan Polymer Medal in 2012, a Clunies Ross Award and a Thomson-Reuters' Citation Laureate in 2014, a Warwick University IAS Fellowship, a CSIRO Newton-Turner award and Thomson-Reuters' Highly Cited List in 2015 and the Australian Academy of Science's David Craig Medal for outstanding achievement in the field of Chemistry in 2020. In 2014 he was added to Clarivate Analytics' Hall of Citation Laureates. Dr Moad is currently also an adjunct professor at Monash University, and an honorary professor at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He is an Associate Member of the IUPAC Polymer Division and the Division representative on the International Committee for Terminology, Nomenclature and Standards (ICTNS). He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Australian Academy of Science.

Ezio Rizzardo holds a BSc with First Class Honours in Applied Chemistry from the University of New South Wales (1965) and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Sydney (1969). Following post-doctoral research in organic synthesis at Rice University (Houston), the Research Institute for Medicine and Chemistry (Boston), and the Australian National University (Canberra), he was appointed in 1976 at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Melbourne) to explore polymer chemistry. At CSIRO, he has led teams who have devised and developed, among others: radical trapping with nitroxides, nitroxide mediated polymerization (NMP), chain transfer by radical addition-fragmentation, and its reversible version, RAFT polymerization. In recognition of his many achievements, Dr Rizzardo has been awarded Australia?s highest scientific honour; the Prime Minister?s Prize for Science, and the highest civic honour; Companion of the Order of Australia (AC). He is also a Fellow of Australia?s Scientific Academies (FAA, FTSE) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of London (FRS).