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Targeted Drug Delivery

Bachhav, Yogeshwar (Herausgeber)

Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry


1. Auflage Dezember 2022
464 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-34781-0
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


Highlights the critical role of targeted drug delivery for unmet medical needs, by describing a wide range of different approaches for targeting small molecule as well as peptide and macromolecular drugs.

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Basics of Targeted Drug Delivery
Addressing Unmet Medical Needs using Targeted Drug Delivery Systems: Emphasis on Nanomedicine-Based Applications
Nanocarriers Based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems: Small and Macromolecules
Liposomes as Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Development and Applications
Gene-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy (GDEPT) as a Suicide Gene Therapy Modality for Cancer Treatment
Targeted Prodrugs in Oral Drug Delivery
Exosomes for Drug Delivery Applications in Cancer and Cardiac Indications
Delivery of Nucleic Acids such as siRNA and mRNA using Complex Formulations
Application of PROTAC Technology in Drug Development
Metal Complexes as the Means or the End of Targeted Delivery for Unmet Needs
Formulation of Peptides for Targeted Delivery
Antibody-Based Targeted T Cell Therapies
Devices for Active Targeted Delivery: A Way to Control the Rate and Extent of Drug Administration
Drug Delivery to the Brain: Targeting Technologies to Delivery Therapeutics to Brain Lesions
Yogeshwar Bachhav is a pharmacist by training and holds a PhD in drug delivery systems from ICT, Mumbai (India). He has worked as research scientist for several years on a collaborative project between Pantec Biosolutions and Geneva University (Switzerland), and as formulation manager at Debiopharm Group, Lausanne (Switzerland). For the last 5 years he has been working as Associate Director at AiCuris Anti-infective Cures GmbH, Germany and has been responsible for pharmaceutical development. In total, he has around 14 years of experience in the preformulation and formulation development of small molecules and/or peptides for oral, dermal and parenteral application. He has more than 16 international publications, 6 European patents and over 30 conference proceedings to his credit. He has recently edited a book for Wiley-VCH: Innovative Dosage Forms: Design and Development at Early Stage.