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Waste Heat Recovery in Process Industries

Jouhara, Hussam


1. Auflage Februar 2022
288 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-34856-5
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


This book discusses all relevant technolgies for waste heat recovery from waste heat boilers to thermal storage. The applications are split into low, medium and high temperature ranges, each is discussed with selected caste studies from the industry.

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1. Thermodynamic Cycles
1.1 Introduction to Thermodynamic Cycles
1.2 Rankine Cycle
1.3 Organic Rankine Cycle
1.4 Kalina Cycle
1.5 Brayton Cycle
1.6 Chapter Summary

2. Waste Heat Recovery
2.1 Burners and Preheaters
2.2 Heat Exchangers
2.3 Waste Heat Boilers
2.4 Heat Recovery Steam Generators
2.5 Heat pumps
2.6 Direct Electrical Conversion Device
2.7 Thermal Storage
2.8 Design Development Methods

3. Low Temperature Applications
3.1 Refrigeration
3.2 Cryogenics
3.3 HVAC

4. Medium Temperature Applications
4.1 Food industry
4.2 Ventilation
4.3 SolarEnergy
4.4 Geothermal Energy
4.5 AotomotiveEnergy
4.6 Aviation

5. High Temperature Applications
5.1 Steel Industry
5.2 Ceramics Industry
5.3 Cement Industry
5.4 Aluminium Industry
5.5 Automotive Energy
5.6 Aviation
Professor Hussam Jouhara is a Professor in Thermal Engineering at Brunel University London, UK. Having obtained his academic degree from the University of Manchester. He spent most of his career working on heat exchangers and novel designs for waste recovery solutions from a multitude of industries. Over his career, he has secured under £9 million in funding from various sources including EU-Horizon2020, Innovate UK and private investment from companies.
One of his key expertise is the development of heat pipe-based heat exchangers with successful implementation in a multitude of temperature ranges including cryogenic and high temperature industrial waste heat recovery. Professor Jouhara has authored over 110 scientific publications, received numerous scientific awards, 23 patents pioneering in waste heat recovery and Editor-In-Chief for the Journal of Thermofluids. He is also a fellow of numerous professional engineering organizations.