Wiley-VCH, Weinheim Phases of Matter and their Transitions Cover An all-in-one introduction to the chemical physics of solids, liquids and gases with a focus on the .. Product #: 978-3-527-35031-5 Regular price: $111.21 $111.21 Auf Lager

Phases of Matter and their Transitions

Concepts and Principles for Chemists, Physicists, Engineers, and Materials Scientists

de With, Gijsbertus


1. Auflage November 2023
704 Seiten, Hardcover
74 Tabellen

ISBN: 978-3-527-35031-5
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


An all-in-one introduction to the chemical physics of solids, liquids and gases with a focus on the thermodynamic and structural aspects of phases and their transitions, also covering liquid crystals, ferroelectronics and surface phenomena.

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Eine umfassende Einführung in die chemische Physik von Festkörpern, Flüssigkeiten und Gasen mit Schwerpunkt auf den thermodynamischen und strukturellen Aspekten von Phasen und Phasenübergängen, wobei auch Flüssigkristalle, Ferroelektronik und Oberflächenphänomene betrachtet werden.

Classical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Intermolecular Interactions
Continuum Mechanics
Macroscopic Thermodynamics
Microscopic Thermodynamics
Phase Transitions: General Aspects
Discontinuous Transitions: Gases <-> Liquids
Discontinuous Transitions: Liquids <-> Solids
Continuous Transitions
Liquid crystals
Glasses and the Glass Transition
Return to Equilibrium and Irreversibility

Units, Constants, Conversion Factors
Guide to Mathematics Used
Elements of Special Relativity Theory
The Lattice Gas Model
Elements of Electrostatics
Elements of Probability and Statistics
Answers to Selected Problems
Gijsbertus de With is Professor of Materials Science at Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands). After graduating from Utrecht University and receiving his PhD at Twente University, he joined Philips Research
Laboratories in Eindhoven in 1977. In 1985 he was appointed part-time professor to become in 1995 full professor at Eindhoven. His research interests include structure and interfacial phenomena related to the chemical and thermomechanical behavior of multi-phase materials, resulting in about 350 (co)-authored papers and about 15 patents. Throughout he cooperated with other researchers from academia and industry, co-founded and co-organized the annual conference Coating Science International during 2004-2014 and published three books.