Wiley-VCH, Weinheim Alginate Fibers and Wound Dressings Cover Offers a systematic summary of the many aspects of alginate fibers and wound dressings... Product #: 978-3-527-35329-3 Regular price: $129.91 $129.91 Auf Lager

Alginate Fibers and Wound Dressings

Seaweed Derived Natural Therapy

Qin, Yimin


1. Auflage Oktober 2023
256 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-3-527-35329-3
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


Offers a systematic summary of the many aspects of alginate fibers and wound dressings.

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1. The Extraction of Alginate from Brown Seaweeds
2. Chemical, Physical and Biological Properties of Alginic Materials
3. Industrial Applications of Alginic Materials
4. The Production of Fibers from Alginate
5. Ion-Exchange and Gel Forming Properties of Alginate Fibers
6. Applications of Alginate Fibers as Smart Woundcare Materials
7. Absorption and Interactive Properties of Alginate Wound Dressings
8. Clinical Applications of Alginate Wound Dressings
9. Functional Modifications of Alginate Fibers and Wound Dressings
10. Silver Containing Alginate Fibers and Wound Dressings
Appendix: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Alginate Wound Dressings
Dr. Yimin Qin studied for his PhD in the University of Leeds between 1986-1990. After spending three years in Heriot-Watt University working on his postdoctoral project, he became the R & D manager in Advanced Medical Solutions Plc in Cheshire, UK, where he led a team of scientists and developed a number of high performance fibers and wound dressings from alginate, chitosan and other natural polymers. He then went to study for an MBA in Manchester Business School and after graduation, took up the position of Fibers Product Manager in SSL International, working on advanced silver containing antimicrobial alginate fibers and wound dressings. In 2002, Dr. Qin went back to China and taught at Jiaxing University, Zhejiang Province. In 2015, Dr. Qin was appointed as the director of State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Seaweed Substances at Qingdao Brightmoon Seaweed Group, where his main research interests focused on the extraction, modification and applications of alginate and other novel bioactive seaweed substances.