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Regulating Sex / Work

From Crime Control to Neo-liberalism?

Scoular, Jane / Sanders, Teela (Editor)

Journal of Law and Society Special Issues


1. Edition March 2010
236 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-4443-3362-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Regulating Sex/Work: From Crime Control toNeo-liberalism? addresses the rise in sexual commerce andconsumption by challenging traditional responses and offering afresh approach to sex industry regulation
* Examines different forms of sex regulation by utilizingexamples from a range of sex markets in the UK, France, USA,Australia, and India
* Theorizes the apparent paradox that the increase in punitiveapproaches to regulating the sex industry is fueling a rise insupply, demand, and diversification of the sex industry

1. Introduction: The Changing Social and Legal Context of SexualCommerce: Why Regulation Matters (Jane Scoular and TeelaSanders).

2. What's Law Got To Do With It? How and Why Law Matters in theRegulation of Sex Work (Jane Scoular).

3. Mainstreaming the Sex Industry: Economic Inclusion and SocialAmbivalence (Barbara G. Brents and Teela Sanders).

4. The Movement to Criminalise Sex Work in the United States(Ronald Weitzer).

5. When (Some) Prostitution is Legal: The Impact of Law Reformon Sex Work in Australia (Barbara Sullivan).

6. Labours in Vice or Virtue? Neo-Liberalism, Sexual Commerce,and the Case of Indian Bar Dancing (Prabha Kotiswaran).

7. Male Sex Work: Exploring Regulation in England and Wales(Mary Whowell).

8. Bellwether Citizens: The Regulation of Male Clients of SexWorkers (Belinda Brooks-Gordon).

9. Extreme Concern: Regulating `Dangerous Pictures' in theUnited Kingdom (Feona Attwood and Clarissa Smith).

10. Consuming Sex: Socio-legal Shifts in the Space and Place ofSex Shops (Baptiste Coulmont and Phil Hubbard).

11. Cultural Criminology and Sex Work: Resisting Regulationthrough Radical Democracy and Participatory Action Research (PAR)(Maggie O'Neill).
Jane Scoular is Reader in Law at the University ofStrathclyde in Glasgow, UK.

Teela Sanders is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at theUniversity of Leeds, UK.

J. Scoular, University of Strathclyde, UK; T. Sanders, University of Leeds, UK