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A Companion to Modern Art

Meecham, Pam (Editor)

Blackwell Companions to Art History


1. Edition January 2018
568 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-118-63984-9
John Wiley & Sons

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A Companion to Modern Art presents a series of original essays by international and interdisciplinary authors who offer a comprehensive overview of the origins and evolution of artistic works, movements, approaches, influences, and legacies of Modern Art.
* Presents a contemporary debate and dialogue rather than a seamless consensus on Modern Art
* Aims for reader accessibility by highlighting a plurality of approaches and voices in the field
* Presents Modern Art's foundational philosophic ideas and practices, as well as the complexities of key artists such as Cezanne and Picasso, and those who straddled the modern and contemporary
* Looks at the historical reception of Modern Art, in addition to the latest insights of art historians, curators, and critics to artists, educators, and more



Introduction: Pam Meecham

PART 1: Ancient & Modern

1. Colin Trodd: Revitalizing Romanticism; or, Reflections on the Nietzschean Aesthetic and the Modern Imagination

2. Andrew McNamara and Ann Stephen: A Cartography of Desires and Taboos: The Modern Primitive and the Antipodes

3. Paul Wood: Primitive/Modern/Contemporary

4. Whitney Davis: Did Modernism Redefine Classicism? The Ancient Modernity of Classical Greek Art

5. Nick Stanley: Robert Goldwater and the Search for the Primitive: the Asmat project at the Museum of Primitive Art

6. Fionna Barber: Surrealist Ireland: the Archaic, the Modern and the Marvellous

PART 2: Displaying the Modern

7. Julie Sheldon: Picturing the Installation Shot

8. Pam Meecham: Contemporary Displays of Modern Art

9. Liz Wells: Camera-Eye: Photography and Modernism

10. Wiebke Leister: Photographic Installation Strategies En-Bloc and In-the-Round

11. Judith Brocklehurst: Documenta 6: Memories of another Modernism

PART 3: Re-assessments: Modernism and Globalization

12. Jonathan Harris: Bijiasuo and Truth: Modernism Reassessed in an Era of Globalization

13. Angela Dimitrakaki: Extensive Modernity: On the Refunctioning of Artists as Producers

14. Richard Williams: Architecture's Modernisms

15. Rosemary Shirley: The Wide Margins of the Century: Rural Modernism, Pastoral Peasants and Economic Migrations

16. Naoko Uchiyama: Destabilising Essentialism through Localising Modernism

PART 4: Locating Modernism: Multiple Modernisms and National Identities

17. Laura Back: The Many Modernisms of Australian Art

18. Elena Stylianou and Nico Philippou: Greek-Cypriot Locality: (Re) Defining our Understanding of European Modernity

19. Annika Öhrner: A Northern avant-garde: Spaces and Cultural Transfer

20. Renja Suominen-Kokkonen: Modernisms, Genealogy and Utopias in Finland

21. Greta Berman: The Engaged Artist: Considerations of Relevance

22. Leon Wainwright: Visualising Figures of Caribbean Slavery through Modernism

PART 5: The Modern Artist, the Modern Child and a Modern Art Education

23. Claire Robins: A Modern Art Education

24. Nicholas Addison: Misrecognition: Child's play, modern art and Vygotskian psychology

25. Briley Rasmussen: MoMA and the Modern Child: The Critical Role of Education Programming in MoMA's Modernism

26. Anna Green: Paul Cézanne's Young Girl at the Piano - Overture to "Tannhäuser" or "Le Haschisch des femmes"
Pam Meecham is Professor of Museum Studies at the UCL Institute of Education, where she conducts research into institutional histories and the display of modernism. Meecham is the co-author of Making American Art (2009) and Modern Art: A Critical Introduction (2000, 2005).

P. Meecham, University of London, UK