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Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner

Kamara, Sheku / Faggiani, Kathy S.

Additive Manufacturing Skills in Practice.


1. Edition August 2021
192 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-75038-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner

Discover how to shift from traditional to additive manufacturing processes with this core resource from industry leaders

Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner delivers a vital examination of the methods and techniques needed to transition from traditional to additive manufacturing. The book explains how traditional manufacturing work roles change as various industries move into additive manufacturing and describes the flow of the typical production process in additive manufacturing. Detailed explorations of the processes, inputs, machine and build preparation, post-processing, and best practices are included, as well as real-world examples of the principles discussed within.

Every chapter includes a problems and opportunities section that prompts readers to apply the book's techniques to their own work. Diagrams and tables are distributed liberally throughout the work to present concepts visually, and key options and decisions are highlighted to assist the reader in understanding how additive manufacturing changes traditional workflows. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of
* A thorough introduction on how to move into additive manufacturing, including the identification of a manufacturing opportunity and its characteristics
* An exploration of how to determine if additive manufacturing is the right solution, with descriptions of the origins of additive manufacturing and the current state of the technology
* An examination of the materials used in additive manufacturing, including polymers, composites, metals, plasters, and biomaterials
* A discussion of choosing an additive manufacturing technology and process

Perfect for mechanical engineers, manufacturing professionals, technicians, and designers new to additive manufacturing, Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner will also earn a place in the libraries of technical, vocational, and continuing education audiences seeking to improve their skills with additive manufacturing workflows.

Chapter 1 Introduction: Moving into Additive Manufacturing 1

Introduction 2

Manufacturing Processes 5

Traditional and AM Job Roles 8

Case Conclusion: Developing Knowledge and Skills in AM 15

How to Use This Book 16

References 19

Chapter 2 Is Additive Manufacturing the Right Solution? 21

Introduction 22

Additive Manufacturing Applications 23

AM Notable 1: 24

AM Notable 2: 33

A Brief History of AM 33

Selecting a Pilot AM Project 35

AM Notable 3: 38

Case Conclusion: Identifying AM Applications for a Pilot Project 39

References 41

Chapter 3 What Design and Inputs Does Additive Manufacturing Require? 43

Introduction 44

Design for AM 45

Design for DFAM 45

Component Design 47

AM Notable 3.1 50

Part Design 50AM Notable 3.2 54

Process Design 57

AM Notable 3.3 58

Sources of Input 58

AMF and STL File Formats 59

References 63

Chapter 4 What Materials Does Additive Manufacturing Use? 65

Introduction to AM Materials 66

Selecting AM Materials 67

Polymers 69

AM Notable 4.1 3D Printing a Ride to Mars 73

AM Notable 4.2 Chicken Feathers - Not Just for Pillows Anymore! 75

AM Notable 4.3 3D Print a House in 24 Hours for $10k (or less) 78

References 82

Chapter 5 Which Additive Manufacturing Technology and Process Are Right for My Solution? 85

Introduction 86

Binder Jetting 88

Directed Energy Deposition 90

Material Extrusion 92

Material Jetting 94

Powder Bed Fusion 96

Sheet Lamination 98

Vat Photopolymerization 99

Hybrid Systems 102

References 103

Chapter 6 What Machine and Build Preparation Occurs in Additive Manufacturing? 105

Introduction 106

AM Notable 6.1 106

General Machine and Build Preparation Tasks 107

AM Notable 6.2 111

AM Process-Specific Machine and Build Preparation 111

AM Notable 6.3 121

References 122

Chapter 7 What Occurs During the Additive Manufacturing Build Process? 123

Introduction 124

Quality in AM 124

Build Planning and the Build Process 128

Build Process 133

References 138

Chapter 8 What Happens after the Additive Manufacturing Build Process Is Complete? 141

Introduction 142

Part Removal 143

Material Removal 144

Support Removal 146

Treating 147

Finishing 147

Inspection 148

Summary of Post-Processing Methods 148

References 150

Chapter 9 What Do We Do to Move to Additive Manufacturing? 153

Introduction 153

AM Implementation Roadmap 154

Identify a Vision and Strategy 155

Prepare to Manage Change 157

Acquire AM Systems Access and Support 158

Develop AM Workflows 161

Develop Your AM Workforce 162

Monitor Results and Adjust 164

References 165

Chapter 10 Where Can I Learn More? 167

Introduction 167

AM Acronyms and Terminology 167

AM Job Postings and Employment Information 168

AM Education and Training 169

AM Professional Certification 170

AM Body of Knowledge (AMBOK) 170

AM University Consortia and Centers of Excellence 171

AM Service Bureaus and Vendors 171

AM Material Selection Guides 172

AM Technology Selection Guides 172

AM Design Guidelines 173

AM Professional Associations, Conferences, and Meetings 173

Index 175
Sheku Kamara is Dean of Applied Research at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he supervises the school's Applied Technology Center. He is past Chair of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group and co-managed the development of the Additive Manufacturing Body of Knowledge and the Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program for SME and America Makes.

Kathy S. Faggiani, PhD, is former Director of Graduate and Professional Studies at Milwaukee School of Engineering and served as Associate Director of Curriculum and Programs for Business and Technology at Capella University. She co-authored the Additive Manufacturing Body of Knowledge and the Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program for SME and America Makes.