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A Companion to African History

Worger, William H. / Ambler, Charles / Achebe, Nwando (Editor)


1. Edition November 2018
544 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-470-65631-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Covers the history of the entire African continent, from prehistory to the present day

A Companion to African History embraces the diverse regions, subject matter, and disciplines of the African continent, while also providing chronological and geographical coverage of basic historical developments. Two dozen essays by leading international scholars explore the challenges facing this relatively new field of historical enquiry and present the dynamic ways in which historians and scholars from other fields such as archaeology, anthropology, political science, and economics are forging new directions in thinking and research.

Comprised of six parts, the book begins with thematic approaches to African history--exploring the environment, gender and family, medical practices, and more. Section two covers Africa's early history and its pre-colonial past--early human adaptation, the emergence of kingdoms, royal power, and warring states. The third section looks at the era of the slave trade and European expansion. Part four examines the process of conquest--the discovery of diamonds and gold, military and social response, and more. Colonialism is discussed in the sixth section, with chapters on the economy transformed due to the development of agriculture and mining industries. The last section studies the continent from post World War II all the way up to modern times.
* Aims at capturing the enthusiasms of practicing historians, and encouraging similar passion in a new generation of scholars
* Emphasizes linkages within Africa as well as between the continent and other parts of the world
* All chapters include significant historiographical content and suggestions for further reading
* Written by a global team of writers with unique backgrounds and views
* Features case studies with illustrative examples

In a field traditionally marked by narrow specialisms, A Companion to African History is an ideal book for advanced students, researchers, historians, and scholars looking for a broad yet unique overview of African history as a whole.

Notes on Contributors ix

1 Introduction: Identities and (Mis)Representations 1
William H. Worger


2 Tracing the Roots of Common Sense about Sexuality in Africa 15
Marc Epprecht

3 Masculinities 35
Stephan F. Miescher

4 Colonialism, Christianity, and Personhood 59
Nimi Wariboko

5 Settler Societies 77
Nicola Ginsburgh and Will Jackson


6 Women, Authority, and Power in Precolonial Southeast Africa: The Production and Destruction of Historical Knowledge on Queen Mother Ntombazi of the Ndwandwe 95
Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu

7 Love, Courtship, and Marriage in Africa 119
Nwando Achebe

8 Slavery and Women in Africa: Changing Definitions, Continuing Problems 143
Claire C. Robertson


9 Kinship in African History 163
James L. Giblin

10 Ethnicity in Southern Africa 179
Michael R. Mahoney

11 Ethnicity and Race in African Thought 199
Jonathon Glassman

12 Islam in African History 225
Sean Hanretta and Shobana Shankar

13 Refugees in African History 247
Brett Shadle


14 Science in Africa: A History of Ingenuity and Invention in African Iron Technology 267
Peter R. Schmidt

15 Africa and Environmental History 28
Gregory H. Maddox

16 Health and Medicine in African History 307
Karen E. Flint

17 Wealth and Poverty in African History 329
Morten Jerven


18 The Idea of the Atlantic World from an Africanist Perspective 353
Walter Hawthorne

19 Swahili Literature and the Writing of African History 367
Ann Biersteker

20 Africa and the Cold War 383
Timothy Scarnecchia

21 The Horn of Africa from the Cold War to the War on Terror 401
Awet T. Weldemichael


22 The Art of Memory and the Chancery of Sinnar 421
Jay Spaulding

23 Apartheid Forgotten and Remembered 431
Nancy L. Clark and William H. Worger

24 Cultural Resistance on Robben Island: Songs of Struggle and Liberation in Southern Africa 459
Neo Lekgotla laga Ramoupi

25 African Historians and Popular Culture 483
Charles Ambler

Index 501
"This wide-ranging collection provides timely historiographical entry points to some of the most lively conversations in the field of African history, as well as case studies illustrating contemporary methodological approaches."
D. McNutt, University of Tennessee Chattanooga
CHOICE, May 2019
William H. Worger, PhD, is Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles. He specializes in the social and economic history of southern Africa.

Charles Ambler, PhD, is Professor of History and Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Texas at El Paso. He is the author of a number of articles on mass media and popular culture in Africa.

Nwando Achebe, PhD, is the Jack and Margaret Sweet Endowed Professor of History and an award-winning historian at Michigan State University. Her research interests involve the use of oral history in the study of women, gender, and sexuality in Nigeria.