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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

Stone, John / Dennis, Rutledge M. / Rizova, Polly / Hou, Xiaoshuo (Editor)


1. Edition September 2020
576 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-43019-3
John Wiley & Sons

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A broad examination of the rise of nationalism, populism, xenophobia, and racism throughout the world

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism provides expert insight into the complex, interconnected factors that are influencing patterns of human relations worldwide in a time of rising populist nationalism, intensified racial and religious tensions, and mounting hostilities towards immigrants and minorities. Analyzing the underlying forces which continue to drive global trends, this volume examines contemporary patterns based on the most recent evidence spanning five continents--offering a diversity of interpretations, models and perspectives that address the challenges facing the study of race, ethnicity, and nationalism.

The Companion features original contributions by both established experts and emerging scholars that explore an expansive range of theoretical, historical, and empirical case studies. Organized into five sections, the text first discusses growing trends in the United States, the significance of populism in major societies around the globe, and how global changes are influencing regional variations in race, ethnicity, and nationalism. An investigation of global migration patterns is followed by examination of conflict and violence, from urban riots and boundary disputes to warfare and genocide. The final section focuses on the policy debates resulting from changing patterns and their impact on politics, the economy, and society. Timely and highly relevant, this book:
* Discusses contemporary issues such as the failure of school systems to provide equal opportunities to minorities, the evolution of the School-to-Prison pipeline, and the Black Lives Matter movement
* Explores shifts in American race relations, the influence of social media and the internet, and the links between increased globalization and contemporary forms of nationalism, racism, and populism
* Features essays on national and ethnic identity in China, Japan, and South Korea, India, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe
* Analyzes policies regarding borders, immigration, refugees, and human rights in different countries and regions
* Offers perspectives on the radicalization of social movements, the creation of ethnic, linguistic and other boundaries between groups, and the models used to understand intractable conflicts in many global settings

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism is an indispensable resource for scholars, researchers, instructors, and students across the social sciences, including sociology, political science, global affairs, economics, comparative race and ethnic relations, international migration, social change, and sociological theory.

Introduction by the Editors

John Stone, Rutledge Dennis, Polly Rizova and Xiaoshuo Hou


1 Confrontational Politics: The Black Lives Matter Movement

Rutledge Dennis and Kimya Dennis

2 From Obama to Trump: The Dialectics of Race and Nationalism in Contemporary America

John Stone and Polly Rizova

3 The Future of Nationalism in a Transnational World

Daniele Conversi

4 Changing Nature of Global Racial and Ethnic Relations

John Solomos

5 Why Populism?

Rogers Brubake

6 Racialization, Poly-racism & Global Racism

Ian Law


7 The Paradox of Nationalism and Globalism: China's Participation in Global Capitalism

Xiaoshuo Hou

8 East Asia

John Lie and Jeffrey Weng

9 Imagining the Chinese Nation: The Writings of Liang Qichao

Kit Man

10 Central Asia

Jennifer Murtazashvili

11 Hindu Nationalism, Identity Politics, and the Indian Diaspora in the United States

Sonali Jain and Arun Swamy

12 Latin America

Stanley Bailey

13 Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Caribbean

Jerome Teelucksingh

14 Transforming Settler Colonialism in South Africa

Kogila Moodley and Heribert Adam

15 The Rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece: Austerity and its Impact on Democracy

Ioanna Christodoulaki

16 The Language of Freedom: Democracy, Humanity, and Nationality in the Architecture and Art of the Modern European National Parliament

Athena Leoussi, George Payne and Dalibor Sulak


17 The Strength and Fragility of Family Reunification Politics in Contemporary Western States

Nazli Kibria

18 Migration, Cooperation, and Trust: What do we Know?

Jonathan Eastwood

19 New Patterns of Internal Migration: Movement with Chinese Characteristics

Xiaoping Luo

20 Refugees

Mathias Czaika and Albert Kraler

21 The Unspoken Legacy of Asylum: Racism, Nationalism and the Neo-colonialist

Social Construction of Asylum Policies

Olga Jubany

22 Generational Change and the Future Multiracial Locus of Mixture

Miri Song

23 Immigrant Acceptance in an Ethnic Country: The Foreign Labour Policy of Japan

Hideki Tarumoto


24 Genocide

Susanne Karstedt

25 Radicalization of Social Movements

Charalambos Demetriou

26 War and Nationalism

John Hutchinson

27 The Creation and Dissolution of Multi-National States

Dusko Sekulic


28 Collective Violence and the American Dream

Daniel Monti

29 The Political Economy of Diversity in Management and Organizational Studies

Koen van Laer and Patrizia Zanoni

30 The Case for a Racially-Conscious, Culturally Competent Restorative Movement

Mikhail Lyubansky

31 Three Frameworks for Understanding Intractable Social Conflicts: Reflections on Azar, Burton, and Beyond

Kevin Avruch
JOHN STONE is Professor of Sociology at Boston University, USA. He is the co-author of Racial Conflict in Global Society (2014) and editor of Race and Ethnicity: Comparative and Theoretical Approaches (2003), and the Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism (Wiley Blackwell: 2016) with Rutledge Dennis, Xiaoshuo Hou, Polly Rizova and Anthony D. Smith.

RUTLEDGE DENNIS is Professor of Sociology at George Mason University, USA. He is the recipient of the ABS Joseph Himes Award and the ASA Du Bois-Johnson-Frazier Award. He is author of Finding the African Americans that Middletown Left Out (2012) and Marginality, Power and Social Structure: Issues in Race, Class, and Gender Analysis (2005) amongst others.

POLLY RIZOVA is Associate Professor of Management and Sociology at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University, USA. She is the author of The Secret of Success (2007) and co-author of??Racial Conflict in Global Society (2013).

XIAOSHUO HOU holds the Frances Young Tang'61 Chair in Chinese Studies and is Associate Professor of Sociology and Asian Studies at Skidmore College, USA. She is the author of Community Capitalism in China: The State, The Market, and Collectivism (2013).

J. Stone, Boston University; R. M. Dennis, George Mason University; P. Rizova, Williamette University; X. Hou, St. Lawrence University, USA