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Frontiers in Developmental Biology

Meyers, Robert A. (Editor)

Current Topics from the Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine


1. Edition March 2019
620 Pages, Hardcover
300 Pictures (100 Colored Figures)
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-33821-4
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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Editor in Chief Bob Meyers assembled an impressive list of authors delivering an outstanding reference on developmental biology bringing all important aspects, from morphogenesis and organogenesis to epigenetic gene regulation to evolutionary developmental biology in one place.

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This topical volume in the respected Encyclopedia series is the first in many years to bring together all important aspects of developmental biology in one source, from morphogenesis and organogenesis, via epigenetic regulation of gene expression to evolutionary developmental biology. The editor-in-chief has assembled an outstanding team of contributors to review these topics, creating an authoritative work for many years to come.
The result is a unique, top-level reference in developmental biology for researchers, students and professionals alike.

Drosophila Gastrulation:Collective Cell Migration
Morphogenesis in Multicellular Animals
Morphogens and Developmental Pattern Formation
Spatial and Temporal Expression Patterns in Animals
Vertebrate Gastrulation:Collective Cell Migration
Computational Methods in Embryonic Patterning
Cell Type Evolution
Evolution from Single Cell to Multicellularity
Evolution of the Protein Repertoire
Genetic Variation and Molecular Darwinism
Systematics and Evolution
Variation and Conservation of the Development of Animal Bodies: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Gametogenesis and Fertilization
Nuclear Transfer for Cloning Animals
Epigenetic Reprogramming Dynamics in Mammalian Embryos
Epigenetics in Developmental Processes
Principles and Applications of Embryogenomics
Developmental Cell Biology
Development of Plant Organs
Developmental Biology of Tubes Constructed from Single-layered Sheets of Epithelial Cells
Gonad Differentiation Genetics
Left-Right Asymmetric Epithelial Morphogenesis
Morphogens and Gradient Scaling and Growth
Transcriptional regulation of tissue organization
Limb Development and Regeneration
Molecular Biology of Plant Regeneration
Stem Cells in Tissue Regeneration and Wound Repair
Hedgehog Regulation of cellular differentiation
Intercellular Signaling in Animal Development
Molecular Signals in Embryonic Development
Notch signaling in Vertebrate Development
Regulation in the Drosophila Embryo
Transcription in Regulating Neural Development
Wnt Signal Transduction in Embryonic Development
Crosstalk in adult stem cells in Drosophila.
Embryonic Stem Cell Chromatin in Development
Embryonic Stem Cells
Robert A. Meyers obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of California at Los Angeles. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology and has more than 17 patents, 50 technical papers and 12 books to his name. As Editor-in-Chief he conceived and edited several ambitious multivolume reference works, e.g. the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry (Wiley), the Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine (Wiley-VCH) and the Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology (Academic Press).