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Nonlinear Optics

An Analytical Approach

Mandel, Paul


1. Edition March 2010
XIV, 245 Pages, Softcover
78 Pictures
2 tables

ISBN: 978-3-527-40923-5
Wiley-VCH, Berlin

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This didactic advanced textbook presents nonlinear optics in a rigorous and analytical way, from the historical background to matter quantization, Sine-Gordon solitons, cavity nonlinear optics, and weakly nonlinear chi(2) & chi(3) media.

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Based on the author's extensive teaching experience and lecture notes, this textbook provides a substantially analytical rather than descriptive presentation of nonlinear optics.
Divided into five parts, with most chapters corresponding to a two-hour lecture, the book begins with a unique account of the historical development from Kirchhoff's law for the black-body radiation to Planck's quantum hypothesis and Einstein's discovery of spontaneous emission - providing all the explicit proofs. The subsequent sections deal with matter quantization, ultrashort pulse propagation in 2-level media, cavity nonlinear optics, chi(2) and chi(3) media.
For graduate and PhD students in nonlinear optics or photonics, while also representing a valuable reference for researchers in these fields.

Part I: Quantized matter
2- and 3-level media
Atomic interference
Electromagnetically induced transparency
Slow light
Part II: Sine-Gordon solitons
Self-induced transparency
Sine-Gordon equation - derivation and solutions
Part III: Cavity nonlinear optics
Optical bistability
Part IV: ¿(2) media
Second harmonic generation
Sum and difference frequency generation
Optical parametric oscillators
Part V: ¿(3) media
Multiwave mixing
Optical phase conjugation
Nonlinear Schrödinger equation - derivation and solutions
Paul Mandel is the founder and was Head of the Theoretical Nonlinear Optics group at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) until his retirement in 2008. He obtained his academic degrees at the ULB under Professor I. Prigogine. His career was spent with the National Science Foundation of Belgium with full-time research positions. He has been working in quantum and semi-classical optics since 1971, managing national and European research contracts, and has chaired research conferences in the EU and the USA. Lately, he has been a part-time Professor of Optics at the ULB. He has published over 250 research papers in refereed journals and a book with Cambridge University Press.

P. Mandel, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium