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Biochips and Medical Imaging

de la Zerda, Adam / Wang, Shan Xiang


1. Edition August 2022
432 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-118-91050-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Advanced, recent developments in biochips and medical imaging

Biochips and Medical Imaging is designed as a professional resource, covering recent biochip and medical imaging developments. Within the text, the authors encourage uniting aspects of engineering, biology, and medicine to facilitate advancements in the field of molecular diagnostics and imaging.

Biochips are microchips for efficiently screening biological analytes. This book aims at presenting information on the state-of-the-art and emerging biosensors, biochips, and imaging devices of the body's systems, including the endocrine, circulatory, and immune systems.

Medical diagnostics includes biochips (in-vitro diagnostics) and medical and molecular imaging (in-vivo imaging). Biochips and Medical Imaging explores the role of in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostics. It enables an instructor to share in-depth examples of the use of biochips in diagnosing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
* Provides real-life knowledge on biochips and medical imaging, written by leading researchers
* Serves as a resource for professionals working in the biochip or imaging fields
* Features an accessible approach for anyone interested in biochips and their applications

Readers of Biochips and Medical Imaging can expand their knowledge of medical technology, even if they have no biological knowledge and a limited math background. With its focus on important developments, this book is sure to also capture the interest of bioengineering and biomaterials scientists, structural biologists, electrical engineers, and nanotechnologists.



Chapter 1: Cell Biology

Chapter 2: Biological Lab Techniques

Chapter 3: Human Physiology

Chapter 4: Cancer

Chapter 5: Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

Chapter 6: DNA Chips and Sequencing

Chapter 7: Next-Generation Sequencing and FET-Based Biochips

Chapter 8: Protein Assays and Chips

Chapter 9: Label-Free Affinity-Based Biosensors

Chapter 10: Magneto-Nanosensor Biochips

Chapter 11: Microfluidic Chips for Capturing Circulating Tumor Cells

Chapter 12: Molecular Diagnostics

Chapter 13: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chapter 14: Radionuclide Imaging

Chapter 15: Fluorescence and Raman Imaging

Chapter 16: Optical Coherence Tomography

Chapter 17: Photoacoustic Imaging

Chapter 18: Imaging Controls & Concepts

ADAM DE LA ZERDA is an Associate Professor in the departments of Structural Biology and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and a Chan Zuckerberg Investigator. Dr. de la Zerda has received numerous awards for his research including the Forbes Magazine 30-under-30 in Science & Healthcare and published over 30 papers in leading journals. He holds a number of patents and is the founder of the medical diagnostics company Visby Medical.

SHAN XIANG WANG is the Leland T. Edwards Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University. He currently serves as the Director of the Stanford Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology and a Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, jointly of Electrical Engineering, and by courtesy of Radiology . He has published over 300 papers, and holds 66 patents (issued and pending). Dr. Wang was an inaugural Frederick Terman Faculty Fellow at Stanford University (1994-1997), an IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer (2001-2002), and elected an IEEE Fellow (2009) and American Physical Society (APS) Fellow (2012).