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Apoptosis and Beyond

The Many Ways Cells Die. 2 Volume Set

Radosevich, James A. (Editor)


1. Edition December 2018
784 Pages, Hardcover
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-43242-5
John Wiley & Sons

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These volumes teach readers to think beyond apoptosis and describes all of the known processes that cells can undergo which result in cell death

This two-volume source on how cells dies is the first, comprehensive collection to cover all of the known processes that cells undergo when they die. It is also the only one of its kind to compare these processes. It seeks to enlighten those in the field about these many processes and to stimulate their thinking at looking at these pathways when their research system does not show signs of activation of the classic apoptotic pathway. In addition, it links activities like the molecular biology of one process (eg. Necrosis) to another process (eg. apoptosis) and contrasts those that are close to each.

Volume 1 of Apoptosis and Beyond: The Many Ways Cells Die begins with a general view of the cytoplasmic and nuclear features of apoptosis. It then goes on to offer chapters on targeting the cell death mechanism; microbial programmed cell death; autophagy; cell injury, adaptation, and necrosis; necroptosis; ferroptosis; anoikis; pyronecrosis; and more. Volume 2 covers such subjects as phenoptosis; pyroptosis; hematopoiesis and eryptosis; cyclophilin d-dependent necrosis; and the role of phospholipase in cell death.
* Covers all known processes that dying cells undergo
* Provides extensive coverage of a topic not fully covered before
* Offers chapters written by top researchers in the field
* Provides activities that link and contrast processes to each other

Apoptosis and Beyond: The Many Ways Cells Die will appeal to students and researchers/clinicians in cell biology, molecular biology, oncology, and tumor biology.

List of Contributors ix

Volume 1

1 General View of the Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Features of Apoptosis 1
Humberto De Vitto, Juan P. Valencia, and James A. Radosevich

2 Mitochondria in Focus: Targeting the Cell-Death Mechanism 13
Humberto De Vitto, Roberta Palorini, Giuseppina Votta, and Ferdinando Chiaradonna

3 Microbial Programmed Cell Death 49
Neal D. Hammer

4 Autophagy 71
Mollie K. Rojas, Juel Chowdhury, Khatja Batool, Zane Deliu, and Abdallah Oweidi

5 Cell Injury, Adaptation, and Necrosis 83
Sarah G. Fitzpatrick and Sara C. Gordon

6 Necroptosis 99
Ben A. Croker, James A. Rickard, Inbar Shlomovitz, Arshed Al-Obeidi, Akshay A. D'Cruz, and Motti Gerlic

7 Ferroptosis 127
Ebru Esin Yoruker and Ugur Gezer

8 Anoikis Regulation: Complexities, Distinctions, and Cell Differentiation 145
Marco Beauséjour, Ariane Boutin, and Pierre H. Vachon

9 Cornification 183
Leopold Eckhart

10 Excitotoxicity 197
Julie Alagha, Sulaiman Alshaar, and Zane Deliu

11 Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Wallerian Degeneration 205
Mohammad Tauseef and Madeeha Aqil

12 Pyronecrosis 225
Maryam Khalili and James A. Radosevich

13 Phenoptosis: Programmed Death of an Organism 237
M.V. Skulachev and V.P. Skulachev

14 Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Oxytosis 289
Amalia M. Dolga, Sina Oppermann, Maren Richter, Birgit Honrath, Sandra Neitemeier, Anja Jelinek, Goutham Ganjam, and Carsten Culmsee

15 Pyroptosis 317
Kate E. Lawlor, Stephanie Conos, and James E. Vince

16 Paraptosis 343
Maryam Khalili and James A. Radosevich

17 Hematopoiesis and Eryptosis 367
Mollie K. Rojas, Chintan C. Gandhi, and Lawrence E. Feldman

Volume 2

18 Cyclophilin D-Dependent Necrosis 375
Jatin Mehta and Chandi Charan Mandal

19 Role of Phospholipases in Cell Death 395
Manikanda Raja, Juel Chowdhury, and James A. Radosevich

20 TRIAD (Transcriptional Repression-Induced Atypical Death) 411
Takuya Tamura and Hitoshi Okazawa

21 Alkylating-Agent Cytotoxicity Associated with O6-Methylguanine 427
Latha M. Malaiyandi, Lawrence A. Potempa, Nicholas Marschalk, Paiboon Jungsuwadee, and Kirk E. Dineley

22 Entosis 463
Jamuna A. Bai and Ravishankar Rai V.

23 Mitotic Catastrophe 475
Raquel De Souza, Lais Costa Ayub, and Kenneth Yip

24 NETosis and ETosis: Incompletely Understood Types of Granulocyte Death and their Proposed Adaptive Benefits and Costs 511
Marko Radic

25 Parthanatos: Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase (PARP)-Mediated Cell Death 535
Amos Fatokun

26 Methuosis: Drinking to Death 559
Madeeha Aqil

27 Oncosis 567
Priya Weerasinghe, Sarathi Hallock, Robert Brown, and L. Maximilian Buja

28 Autoschizis: A Mode of Cell Death of Cancer Cells Induced by a Prooxidant Treatment In Vitro and In Vivo 583
J. Gilloteaux, J.M. Jamison, D. Arnold, and J.L. Summers

29 Programmed Death 1 (PD1)-Mediated T-Cell Apoptosis and Cancer Immunotherapy 695
Chandi Charan Mandal, Jatin Mehta, and Vijay K. Prajapati
About the Editor

JAMES A. RADOSEVICH, PH. D. is a Professor and Staff Research Scientist at the University of Illinois, Dental College and Cancer Center/VA, Chicago Health Care System. He is also an Affiliate Professor at Roosevelt University, College of Pharmacy, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, USA.