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Pervasive Intelligence Now

Enabling Game-Changing Outcomes in the Age of Exponential Data

Jain, Anu


1. Edition December 2018
112 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-55887-3
John Wiley & Sons

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This book looks at strategies to help companies become more intelligent, connected, and agile. It discusses how companies can define and measure high-impact outcomes and use effectively analytics technology to achieve them. It also looks at the technology needed to implement the analytics necessary to achieve high-impact outcomes--from both analytics tool and technical infrastructure perspective. Also discussed are ancillary, but critical, topics such as data security and governance that may not traditionally be a part of analytics discussions but are essential in helping companies maintain a secure environment for their analytics and access the quality data they need to gain critical insights and drive better decision-making.

Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

Part I Strategies to Make Intelligence Pervasive 5

Chapter 1 Achieving High-Impact Outcomes--An Overview 9

The Right Data 11

The Right Technical Architecture and Environment 13

Operational Excellence 14

Driving High-Impact Outcomes with Pervasive Intelligence 15

Chapter 2 New Metrics for Intelligence--Information Yield 17

Information Yield--The Journey from 2D to 3D in Analytics 19

Three Foundational Steps to Drive Transformation 20

Big Data and its Impact on Information Yield 22

Information Yield and Pervasive Intelligence 24

Chapter 3 The Cloud--The Foundation for Pervasive Intelligence 25

Clouds--What's Best for You? 26

Choosing the Right Vendor Partner to Help You Fulfill the Promise of the Cloud 27

The Cloud--Not Optional for Pervasive Intelligence 29

Chapter 4 Perpetual Connectivity--Digital Supply Networks 31

DSNs Defined 32

DSNs--What They Can Do for You 32

DSN Challenges 33

The Benefi ts of a DSN Illustrated 34

DSNs and the Realization of Pervasive Intelligence 36

Chapter 5 Intelligence Analytics and Cognitive Design--The Human Factor in Pervasive Intelligence 37

Why Cognitive Design? 39

Putting It Together 46

Cognitive Design--The Human Factor in Pervasive Intelligence 46

Chapter 6 You Are Only as Good as Your Data 47

Consolidate Data 49

Secure and Govern 49

The Rising Need for a Chief Data Officer 49

Pervasive Intelligence and Data Governance 51

Chapter 7 The Data Security Awakening 53

Data Security: A Question of Managing Risk 54

Pervasive Intelligence and Data Security 59

Part II Technology to Achieve Pervasive Intelligence 61

Chapter 8 The Evolution of Data Lakes as a Fundamental Part of a New Ecosystem Architecture 63

Changes in Data Dictate Changes in Storage Technology 64

Data Lakes and Pervasive Intelligence 67

Chapter 9 Artifi cial Intelligence and Machine Learning--The Future of Pervasive Intelligence 69

The Power of (Artificial) Intelligence 70

AI in Practice 72

Machine Learning--The Star of Artificial Intelligence 74

Optimizing Machine Learning Efforts 78

AI and Pervasive Intelligence 80

Chapter 10 Analytics Operations to Enable Pervasive Intelligence 81

Operationalizing Analytics 82

Embedding AnalyticOps Throughout the Organization 86

Chapter 11 Intelligent Clouds--Combining the Cloud and Analytics to Realize Pervasive Intelligence 91

The Intelligent Cloud 92

The Benefits of Intelligence 92

Pervasive Intelligence via the Intelligent Cloud 94

Conclusion 95

Index 9
Anu Jain joined Teradata in 2017 and is responsible for leading the Americas Think Big Organization. His focus is on creating enhanced business outcomes through tailored solution delivery. He is a seasoned services and sales leader with over 20 years of experience in technology consulting organizations. Prior to Teradata, Anu led the Media, Entertainment and Cable industry segment for IBM; a $1.5 billion plus P&L. Anu was also the cofounder of Janus, a Tax& Treasury Analytics Solutions business with Agile analytics and Big Data Solutions for the Office of the CFO. Prior to Janus, Anu was a Leader at Deloitte leading their Business Intelligence and IM practices as well as serving as the Chief People Officer of their Technology Services business in North America. He has a BS in Operations Industrial Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.