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Duty of Care

An Executive's Guide for Corporate Boards in the Digital Era

Calder, Alizabeth


1. Edition June 2019
240 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-57815-4
John Wiley & Sons

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An essential guide for board members and executives who need to understand the impact of digital on their thinking and decision making

Duty of Care: An Executive's Guide for Corporate Boards in the Digital Era offers a much needed guide for board directors and leaders who need to get up-to-speed and close their digital knowledge gap in order to make the right decisions about digital technology investment and deployments. Written in easy-to-read language, this book targets directors and executives who want to protect themselves from risks ranging from massive cyber security breaches to digital infrastructure investment mistakes.

Most board members don't have the information they need to understand digital information systems, modern high-speed networks, and rapidly evolving software and hardware ecosystems. They also don't have the time to seek out or filter what they need from the many diverse sources. Their lack of knowledge can lead to disastrous decisions that can cost shareholders billions of dollars in lost income or risk liability. Written by a globally recognized experienced business executive and expert in cyber security, this essential guide and blueprint can serve the strategic and governance needs of every company.
* Written by an noted expert in cyber security and digital strategy
* Designed to be accessible for board members unfamiliar with digital technology, with case studies and smart questions to support leaders on every topic
* Helps board directors, corporate officers, and corporate investors with the digital knowledge needed to make informed decisions

Duty of Care is a comprehensive yet accessible book that helps board members close their "digital knowledge gap" in order to better serve their corporations.

Introduction ix

Chapter 1 Basics and Essentials 1

Chapter 2 Risk 45

Chapter 3 Cybersecurity 53

Chapter 4 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 69

Chapter 5 Litigation and Fraud Risk 77

Chapter 6 How Much to Invest - Digital Maturity 85

Chapter 7 How to Prioritize 99

Chapter 8 Clarity 115

Chapter 9 Oversight 131

Chapter 10 Governance 167

Buzzwords, Acronyms, and Legitimate Terminology 175

Related Sources and Other Reading 193

Index 203
Alizabeth Calder (North York, Ontario, Canada) is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at HomEquity Bank, Canada's largest provider of reverse home mortgages. She is a globally recognized business leader and advisor who has more than three decades of experience in banking, financial services, transportation, logistics, health care, analytics, professional services, and information technology. She has been an expert in cyber security since the 1980s and a successful CIO since 1997. Calder is the author of Growing Up: Practical Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth and a frequent speaker in both Canada and the United States.