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The Family Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Case Studies

Neal-Boylan, Leslie (Editor)

Case Studies in Nursing


2. Edition December 2020
640 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-60319-1
John Wiley & Sons

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The Family Nurse Practitioner provides essential guidance and information for understanding how to diagnose and manage typical (and some atypical) patient cases. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, this new edition contains updated cases to reflect today's patient-centered approach, and includes the most recent advances in patient care. From neonatal to geriatric, all the cases demonstrate real-life scenarios and present appropriate solutions on a case-by-case basis to reflect the nuance required in practice.

The revised edition emphasizes pharmacological management, with a new section on mental health care and additional cases on chronic conditions. Greater consideration is given to race, gender, ethnicity and their impact on management options.
* Contains more than 70 case studies
* Offers new cases on pelvic pain, substance abuse, food allergies, celiac disease, child abuse, pre-conception planning, and dermatology
* Includes discussion questions to help develop understanding

Written for students and academics of nursing and nurse practitioners, The Family Nurse Practitioner is the ideal text for developing and expanding one's knowledge and comprehension of the diagnosis and management of patient care.

1 - The neonate

Cardiovascular screening exam- 1.1

Pulmonary screening exam-1.2

Skin screening exam- 1.3

Oxygenation- 1.4

Nutrition and weight- 1.5

2 - The infant

Nutrition and weight- 2.1

Breastfeeding Infant- 2.2

Growth and development- 2.3

Heart murmer- 2.4

Cough- 2.5

Diarrhea- 2.6

Fall from height- 2.7

3 - The toddler/preschool child


Enuresis- 3.2



Abdominal pain- 3.5

Lesion on penis-3.6

Rash without fever - 4.1

4 - The school aged child

Red eye- 4.3

Sore throat- 4.4

Rash - 4.2 with fever

Disruptive behavior- 4.5

Cough and difficulty breathing- 4.6

Left arm pain 4.7

Nightmares -4.8

Gastrointestinal complaint-4.9

Food allergies-4.10


5 - The adolescent

Drug use -5.1

Weight loss-5.2

Menstrual Cramps-5.3

Missed periods-5.4

Knee pain-5.8

Birth control options-5.5


Sexual identity-5.7

6 - Women's health

Pre-conception planning-6.1

Birth control decision making-6.2

First trimester bleeding-6.3

Night sweats-6.4

Pelvic pain-6.5

abdominal pain-6.8

9urinary frequency-6.9

Fatigue and joint pain-6.10

Muscle tenderness-6.11


Vaginal itching-6.6

Redness and swelling of breast-6.7

sexual assault- 6.8

7 - Men's health


Testicular pain-7.2

Prostate changes-7.3

Diminished libido - 7.4

8 - General adult health

Substance use disorder-8.1

Flatulence and bloating 8.2

Foot ulcer-8.3

Abdominal pain and weight gain-8.4

Burning pain in leg-8.5

Hyperthermia and Mental Status Changes in the Elderly-8.6

Difficulty breathing-8.7

Burning and epigastric pain after meals-8.8

Facial pain-8.13

Chronic diarrhea-8.16

Chest pain with dyspnea without radiation-8.9

Chest pain -8.10

Persistent cough and joint tenderness-8.11

Wrist pain and swelling-8.18

Hand numbness-8.15

Morning Headache-8.12

Intractable pain-8.17


9 - Mental health

Sad mood-9.1

Suicidality/self harm -9.2

Postpartum melancholy-9.3



10 - The older adult



Back pain-10.6

Acute joint pain-10.7

Itching and soreness-10.8

Knee pain-10.9

Behavior change-10.2

Visual changes-10.5

weight gain and fatigue -10.4

11 - Resolutions

For all cases
Leslie Neal-Boylan, PhD, APRN, CRRN, FAAN, FARN, is a Nurse Practitioner at the Mansfield Kaseman Health Clinic in Rockville, MD, USA.

L. Neal-Boylan, Southern Connecticut State University, USA