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CBD For Dummies

Brown, Blair Lauren


1. Edition August 2021
336 Pages, Softcover
General Reading

ISBN: 978-1-119-67472-6
John Wiley & Sons

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An informative, easy-to-understand resource that unveils the mysteries of CBD

CBD has emerged as a popular health product, but what's all the fuss about? CBD For Dummies reveals the reasons for the surge in interest about cannabidiol (CBD) and explains how to buy and use this remarkable product safely and responsibly. In an accessible, no-nonsense manner, author Blair Lauren Brown lays out the facts about CBD and outlines the many health conditions that may be helped by using CBD oil.

This book covers topics that people new to CBD have questions about. Highlights include:
* What CBD oil is and how it works in the body
* How to buy CBD from a reputable source and understanding a product's potency
* Knowing what conditions can be eased with CBD, including muscle pain, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, eating disorders, mental health disorders, and neurological conditions
* Preparing your own CBD edibles

Perfect for anyone interested in understanding the therapeutic potential of CBD, CBD For Dummies introduces you to everything you need to know about this cool compound.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Looking into CBD 5

Chapter 1: Updating Attitudes toward Cannabis and CBD 7

Chapter 2: Examining CBD Itself 17

Chapter 3: Looking into What CBD Does 29

Chapter 4: Extracting, Infusing, and Producing CBD 37

Chapter 5: Doing the Math: The Pluses and Minuses of CBD 47

Part 2: Finding and Using CBD 57

Chapter 6: Buying CBD 59

Chapter 7: Delving into Forms and Delivery Systems 73

Chapter 8: Using CBD Safely and Responsibly 91

Part 3: Benefitting from CBD 101

Chapter 9: Easing Neurological Conditions 103

Chapter 10: Alleviating Autoimmune Conditions 115

Chapter 11: Dealing with Eating Disorders and Digestive Troubles 131

Chapter 12: Coping with Muscular and Physical Ailments 141

Chapter 13: Helping with Emotional, Mood, and Mental Disorders 151

Chapter 14: Alleviating Issues Specific to Age and Sex 165

Chapter 15: Letting Pets Benefit from CBD 183

Part 4: Concocting Your Own CBD Products 195

Chapter 16: Bringing CBD into the Kitchen 197

Chapter 17: Testing Out Recipes at Home 211

Chapter 18: Branching out to Other CBD and Hemp Products 235

Part 5: The Part of Tens 257

Chapter 19: Ten Reasons to Try CBD 259

Chapter 20: Ten Ways CBD Can Help 265

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Get CBD into Your System 271

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Having a Great CBD Experience 277

Appendix A: Helpful CBD Resources 285

Index 295
Blair Lauren Brown is a plant-medicine veteran and cannabis expert, She's been involved in every aspect of hemp and cannabis from cultivation to formulation, and medicinal applications of the plant to brand development. Blair is the in-house wellness expert and co-founder of Poplar, a modern drugstore, focusing on all-natural solutions for pain, stress, and sleep, including CBD and more.