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Demystifying Research for Medical and Healthcare Students

An Essential Guide

Anderson, John L.


1. Edition June 2022
336 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-70137-8
John Wiley & Sons

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All healthcare students need to understand research methods to be able to understand research articles and to actively engage in research where necessary. Most clinical programs include research training within their courses, and many students are required to undertake an assessed research project--both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Breaking down the jargon barriers of research methods, and designed for those new to the world of research, Demystifying Research is a straightforward and highly accessible guide to fundamental research methods, approaches, and skills.

This student-friendly resource describes quantitative and qualitative research approaches, mixed research methods, research ethics and governance, research skills and more. Step-by-step, students learn to appraise research in scholarly articles, design a project, and conduct research in the lab, in clinical practice, and other real-life situations. Technical jargon and classic research are explained in plain English, while relevant theory is illustrated through relatable examples of research in practice. Designed to make learning about research easy, this valuable guide:
* Explains basic research methods in a direct and engaging style
* Breaks research methods down into manageable, easy-to-digest pieces
* Defines what research is, and provides an overview of its methods and methodologies
* Covers all key areas of research, including observational and experimental approaches, and clinical trials
* Includes real-life examples of successful student research projects
* Features a companion website containing lecture slides available to download in PowerPoint

Demystifying Research is a must-have for undergraduate and postgraduate medical, nursing, other healthcare and social sciences students, as well as professionals looking to refresh their knowledge.

Preface vi

About the Companion Website viii

1 Introduction: What is 'Research'? 1

2 Experimental Quantitative Approaches: Laboratory Experiments 14

3 Experimental Quantitative Approaches: Real- Life (Field) Experiments 27

4 Experimental Quantitative Approaches: Non- randomised Clinical Trials 39

5 Experimental Quantitative Approaches: Randomised Control Trials 48

6 Observational Quantitative Approaches: Cohort Studies 66

7 Observational Quantitative Approaches: Case- Control Studies 80

8 Observational Quantitative Approaches: Cross- Sectional Studies (Surveys) 87

9 Observational Quantitative Approaches: Cross- Sectional Studies - Other Types of Study 100

10 Qualitative Ethnographic Approaches: Using Participant Observation 108

11 Qualitative Ethnographic Approaches: Using Interviews and Focus Groups 124

12 Qualitative Ethnographic Approaches: Autoethnography 144

13 Qualitative Approaches: Phenomenology 157

14 Qualitative Approaches: Grounded Theory 175

15 Mixed Methods: Case Study Methods 186

16 Mixed Methods: Policy Analysis 200

17 Mixed Methods: Multi- Stage Studies 216

18 Research Ethics and Governance: The Need for Regulation 223

19 Research Ethics and Governance: Regulations, Approvals, and Permissions 237

Appendices 258

Appendix A: Research Skills Obtaining Informed Consent 258

Appendix B: Research Skills Searching the Literature 268

Appendix C: Research Skills Laboratory Safety 276

Appendix D: Research Skills Interviewing 281

Appendix E: Research Skills Focus Groups 294

Appendix F: Research Skills Analysing Qualitative Data 303

Appendix G: Research Skills Writing Research Reports 314

Postscript 320

Index 321
John L. Anderson, Principal Lecturer, Department of Medical Education, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK.

J. L. Anderson, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Brighton, UK