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Nursing Practice

Knowledge and Care

Peate, Ian / Mitchell, Aby (Editor)


3. Edition August 2022
720 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-80075-0
John Wiley & Sons

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In this updated third edition of the successful and definitive nursing textbook, Nursing Practice is designed to support the student throughout the entire nursing degree. Structured around the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct and the latest Standards for Education, it explores a range of clinical and professional issues that the student will need to know in one complete and accessible volume.

Written by a number of expert practitioners and academics who are passionate about the art and science of nursing, the book includes:
* How the field of health and social care has changed since the second edition of this popular text was published
* A systems approach to make learning and application easier
* Thorough coverage of maternity care, surgical care, cancer care, nutrition, skin integrity, medicine administration, pain management and more
* The elements, principles, art and science of nursing care

Nursing Practice provides invaluable information to enable student nurses, as well as registered practitioners and members of the extended nursing family such as trainee nursing associates, to develop a deeper understanding of patients' needs and to ensure that they are practicing safely and effectively.

About the Editors xv

Contributors xvi

Preface xxiv

Acknowledgements xxvi

How to Use Your Textbook xxvii

About the Companion Website xxix

Unit 1 The Elements of Care 1

1 The Professional Nurse and Contemporary Healthcare 2

2 Ethics, the Law and the Nurse 19

3 Health Promotion and Public Health 33

4 The Nursing Process and Models of Nursing 49

5 The Resilient Nurse 62

6 Student Supervision and Assessment 77

Unit 2 The Principles of Care 93

7 The Principles of Safeguarding and Dignity 94

8 The Principles of Older People's Care 115

9 The Principles of Caring for People With Learning Disabilities and/or Autism 131

10 Principles of Caring for Children, Young People and Families 148

11 The Principles of Caring for People with Mental Health Problems 168

12 The Principles of Maternity Care 184

13 The Principles of Caring for People with Long-Term Conditions 199

14 The Principles of Surgical Care 218

15 The Principles of Cancer Care 236

16 The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control (including Pandemics) 253

17 The Principles of Nutrition 275

18 The Principles of Skin Integrity 292

19 The Principles of Medicine Administration and Pharmacology 314

20 The Principles of End-of-Life Care 334

21 The Principles of Supporting Families and Carers in Practice 351

22 The Principles of Pain Management 368

23 The Principles of Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance and Shock 386

Unit 3 The Art and Science of Nursing Care 409

24 The Person with Immune and Inflammatory Disorders 410

25 The Person with a Cardiovascular Disorder 433

26 The Person with a Haematological Disorder 452

27 The Person with a Respiratory Disorder 476

28 The Person with a Gastrointestinal Disorder 497

29 The Person with a Urinary Disorder 516

30 The Person with a Reproductive Disorder 537

31 The Person with an Endocrine Disorder 563

32 The Person with a Neurological Disorder 581

33 The Person with an Ear or Eye Disorder 612

34 The Person with a Musculoskeletal Disorder 636

35 The Person with a Skin Disorder 652

Appendix A List of Units 672

Index 673
The Editors

Ian Peate, OBE, FRCN EN(G), RGN, DipN (Lond), RNT, BEd (Hons), MA (Lond), LLM is Visiting Professor of Nursing, St George's University of London and Kingston University London; Visiting Professor, Northumbria University; Visiting Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Hertfordshire; Senior Lecturer, Roehampton University, and Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nursing.

Aby Mitchell, RGN, BA (Hons), MA (UWL), PGCAP, FHEA is Professional Lead for Simulation and Immersive Technologies, and Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, University of West London, UK.

I. Peate, School of Nursing and Midwifery