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Project Management Next Generation

The Pillars for Organizational Excellence

Kerzner, Harold / Zeitoun, Al / Viana Vargas, Ricardo


1. Edition June 2022
512 Pages, Hardcover
Professional Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-83227-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Strategic guidance on enabling transformational change in the project management landscape

In Project Management Next Generation: The Pillars for Organizational Excellence, a team of world-renowned project management leaders delivers an expert discussion on project management implementation in organizations of all kinds. The book explores 10 pillars of project management that will be critical for companies in the coming decade. It offers contributions from industry changemakers and thought leaders that provide the perfect balance between practical experience across a variety of programs, projects, and transformation initiatives.

It's a must-have title for practicing project managers who seek hands-on guidance and insightful case studies complete with discussion questions and instruction materials, including PowerPoint lecture slides and a full Instructors Manual on the companion website. In addition to the perspectives of several global commercial organizations on the project management industry's future, readers will find:
* Thorough introductions to project management as a strategic competency and corporate project management cultures
* Comprehensive explorations of workforce upskilling and defining project success
* Practical discussions of flexible project management frameworks and flexible life cycle phases and project governance
* In-depth examinations of value-driven project management and metrics, as well as metrics for intangible assets, and strategic metrics

Perfect for mid-level corporate, project, and team managers, as well as executives and business consultants, Project Management Next Generation: The Pillars for Organizational Excellence will also earn a place in the libraries of students in courses on advanced project management at the upper-level undergraduate and graduate levels.

Preface xi

1 Pillar #1: Strategic Delivery Capability 1

Setting the Stage 1

Background 6

Line-of-Sight 8

Sustainable Competitive Advantage 8

High-Performance Teams 9

High-Performance Organizations 9

Strategic Competency 11

Background to Barriers 12

Excellence in Action: Medtronic 24

Strategically Improving 26

Innovation in Action: Repsol 27

Strategic Agility 34

Excellence in Action: Merck Kgaa 35

Excellence in Action: Cisco 38

Excellence in Action: Servicenow 47

Excellence in Action: Farm Credit Mid-America 49

Excellence in Action: Project Management United 64

Letter to Future Project Manager 71

References 73

2 Pillar 2: Applying Project Management in Humanitarian and Social Initiatives 77

What Makes Humanitarian Projects Different? 77

The Impact of Project Management Practices in Humanitarian Projects 77

Excellence IN Action: Ambev: A Humanitarian Approach to Addressing Challenges During the Covid-19 Pandemia 79

Excellence in Action: Albert Einstein Hospital: Application of Project Management to Address the Covid-19 Health Crisis and Lessons Learned 90

Excellence in Action: United Nations: Program Management for Humanitarian and Development Projects 104

16/6 Project in Haiti 119

Conclusions 123

References 123

3 Pillar #3: Project Management Is Creating Innovative Cultures 125

Background 125

Introducing the Innovative Culture Model 125

Balanced Alignment and Autonomy 127

Excellence in Action: Sunrise UPC 127

Innovation Competencies 130

Excellence in Action: Bosch 130

Blocking Off Time to Think 147

Excellence in Action: 3M 148

Refreshed Executive Role 149

Excellence in Action: General Motors 150

The Innovation Culture 152

Excellence in Action: Apple 152

Projects as Innovation Labs 154

Excellence in Action: Samsung 154

New Ways of Working 155

Excellence in Action: Siemens 156

Readying and Sustaining Tomorrow's Excellence Cultures 159

A Future (Working) Day in the Life of the Program Manager 160

Excellence in Action: Solvo360 163

Excellence in Action: Texas Instruments 169

4 Pillar #4: Digitalization Is Central to Delivering Projects' Promises 173

Background 173

Excellence in Action: ASGC 174

Digitalization and Projects Framework 180

Experimenting Capacity 182

Excellence in Action: ServiceNow 182

Context-Driven Planning 185

Excellence in Action: Progressive Insurance 186

Co-Creation 190

Growth in Information Warehouses 190

Knowledge Repositories 191

The Need for Business Intelligence Systems 194

Big Data 194

Top Seven Things to Consider When Choosing a BI Tool 196

Stop Treating Business Intelligence Projects as IT Projects 198

Dashboards vs. Reports: Which One Should You Go With? 200

Mapping Dashboards to Objectives 202

Virtual Teams Engagement 203

Excellence in Action: IBM 204

Outcomes-Focused Work 218

Excellence in Action: Dubai Customs 219

Ever-Changing Ways of Working 221

Excellence in Action: Wuttke & Team 221

Digitalization and Projects Path Forward 226

5 Pillar 5: Evolving Project Delivery Skills 227

The Changing Landscape 227

Problem Solving and Decision-Making 228

Brainstorming 251

Design Thinking 257

Excellence in Action: Disney 260

References 268

6 Pillar 6: New Forms of Project Leadership 271

Introduction 271

Issues with Leadership Studies 271

Selecting the Leader 272

Introduction to Leadership Styles 272

Project Management Challenges 275

Leadership and Cultures 276

Excellence in Action: Project Leadership for the Smart Mission 277

Leadership and Stakeholder Relations Management 279

The Changing Leadership Landscape 290

Servant Leadership 292

Social Project Management Leadership 294

The Growth in Importance of Crisis Leadership 295

The Growth in Competency Models 301

Project Management Core Competency Models 303

Excellence in Action: Eli Lilly 304

Conclusions 313

References 313

7 Pillar 7: Organizational Cultural Shift to the Project Way of Working 315

Introduction 315

The Need for Cultural Shift 315

Excellence in Action: GEA Project Management in GEA Process Engineering: Our Vision for the Future 318

Excellence in Action: Norte Energia Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant 324

Conclusions 349

References 349

8 Pillar 8: Adaptive Frameworks and Life Cycles 351

Background 351

The Risks of Using a Singular Methodology 352

Project Management Landscape Changes 353

The Need for Multiple Flexible Methodologies 353

Selecting the Right Framework 356

Be Careful What You Wish For 357

Strategic Selection Implications 358

Excellence in Action: ServiceNow 359

Excellence in Action: The International Institute for Learning 361

The Fuzzy Front End 367

Line-of-Sight 370

Establishing Gates 370

The Future Fuzzy Front Gates 371

Excellence in Action: IdeaScale 372

Project Selection Criteria 375

Excellence in Action: AstraZeneca 377

Excellence in Action: Airbus 391

Partnership Fuzzy Front Ends 393

Excellence in Action: Facebook 394

Life-Cycle Phases 395

Project Closure 399

Excellence in Action: Motorola 400

New Causes of Complete or Partial Failure 401

Conclusion 401

References 402

9 Pillar 9: Evolving Nature of PMOs and Governance 403

Introduction 403

How Governance Can Be Applied in an Agile and Volatile World 403

Excellence in Action: SITA - Airport Systems Integration Projects Cry

for Flexible Governance 404

Excellence in Action: ServiceNow - From Project Management to Strategy Realization 406

Excellence in Action: PMO Global Alliance - PMOs in Transformation 410

Excellence in Action: Determining the Mathematical ROI of a PMO Implementation 423

Conclusions 436

References 436

10 Pillar #10: Significant Growth in Value-Driven and Business-Related Metrics 439

The Growth of Project Metrics 439

The Growth of Metric Measurement Techniques 440

Selecting the Right Metrics 442

Benefits Realization and Value Management 443

Measuring Benefits and Value 447

Excellence in Action: Philips Business Group Hospital Patient Monitoring 449

Metrics for Measuring Intangibles 466

The Need for Strategic Metrics 468

Project Health Checks 471

Action Items 475

Failure of Traditional Metrics and KPIs 476

Establishing a Metrics Management Program 477

Conclusion 478

Index 479
Harold Kerzner, PhD, is Senior Executive Director for Project, Program, and Portfolio Management at the International Institute of Learning, Inc.

Al Zeitoun, PhD, has over 30 years' experience in project management and strategic change delivering operational excellence for large corporations.

Ricardo Viana Vargas, PhD, is a chief advocate in the project economy passionate about transforming ideas into action. He is the host of the 5 Minutes Podcast and is the author of 15 books on project, risk, and crisis management.

H. Kerzner, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio