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Cast-Iron Cooking For Dummies

Brinson, Antwon


2. Edition December 2023
416 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-88813-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Become a cast-iron chef, thanks to this friendly Dummies guide

Cast-Iron Cooking For Dummies will teach you everything you need to know to start using the classic cookware that chefs have loved for thousands of years. You'll learn how to pick the right cast iron tools for your needs, maintain your cookware, and cook foods to perfection. This book is also packed with healthy, diverse, and delicious recipes for meat, fish, stir-fry, and beyond. Cast-iron cookware is versatile, hardy, economical, and great at retaining heat. Well-seasoned cast iron can reduce the need for cooking oil and even makes food taste better. This easy-to-use guide comes complete with color photos and a guide to the best brands.
* Select the right cast-iron cookware for your daily needs
* Learn to properly season and maintain your cast-iron
* Master cooking techniques using versatile, professional cookware
* Find great recipes that will taste even better when you cook them with cast-iron

This book is an excellent choice for home cooks, beginners, semi-pro cooks, professional cooks, campers, and outdoor cooks--basically anyone looking to cook with cast-iron!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Cast-Iron Cooking 7

CHAPTER 1: Welcome to the World of Cast-Iron Cooking 9

CHAPTER 2: Selecting Cast-Iron Cookware 19

Part 2: Treating Your Cast Iron with TLC 37

CHAPTER 3: Seasoning Your Cast Iron 39

CHAPTER 4: Maintaining Your Cast Iron 47

CHAPTER 5: Identifying the Best Cast-Iron Cooking Techniques 55

Part 3: Food Basics and Cast-Iron Cooking 63

CHAPTER 6: It's All about Red Meat 65

CHAPTER 7: Tastes Fowl -- Like Chicken (and Turkey) 77

CHAPTER 8: Hitting the Water -- Fish and Seafood 85

CHAPTER 9: Including Veggies in Your Meal 107

CHAPTER 10: Tackling Everything Bread 115

CHAPTER 11: Making Delectable Desserts 123

CHAPTER 12: Cooking around the Campfire 127

Part 4: Time to Cook -- Delicious Recipes Galore 139

CHAPTER 13: Cook Smarter, Not Harder -- Easy Recipes 141

CHAPTER 14: For Red Meat Lovers 155

CHAPTER 15: Poultry Entree Recipes 169

CHAPTER 16: Fish, Shellfish, and One Amphibian 183

CHAPTER 17: Veggies Highlighted in Main and Side Dishes 201

CHAPTER 18: Seasonal Veggie Dishes 215

CHAPTER 19: Cornbreads, Biscuits, and Breads 233

CHAPTER 20: Pancakes, Muffins, and More 257

CHAPTER 21: Satisfying Desserts 275

CHAPTER 22: Campfire Recipes 295

CHAPTER 23: Ready for the Game -- Great Tailgating Recipes 309

CHAPTER 24: One-Pot World Favorites 323

Part 5: The Part of Tens 357

CHAPTER 25: Ten Do's and Don'ts to Make Your Cast Iron Last Longer 359

CHAPTER 26: Ten Tips for Surefire Success 365

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide 371

Index 375
Antwon Brinson is an accom­plished chef and entrepreneur. He is the visionary behind Culinary Concepts AB, a purpose-driven venture committed to empowering individuals through the art of cooking. Through his company, he offers programs like the Phoenix program, dedicated to assisting inmates in their preparation for successful culinary careers. Chef Antwon displays his impressive culinary skills in the HBO Max program, "The Big Brunch."