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Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor For Dummies

Rom, Judy


1. Edition May 2023
304 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-15002-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Breathe new life into old furniture and thrift store finds

Upcycling Furniture For Dummies shows you how to revitalize old furniture, with just a little effort and imagination, and maybe a few coats of fresh paint. Upcycling furniture is affordable, good for the environment, and a whole lot of fun! This easy, step-by-step guide shows you how to get creative and put your own unique flair on your designs. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to select items that are worth transforming or restoring and learn specific techniques to give old pieces a new lease on life.
* Learn the process of upcycling dressers, tables, chairs, and other furniture
* Enjoy the fun of sourcing items and increasing their value with your creativity!
* Update your décor with gorgeous, upcycled furniture
* Express yourself and find out how to flip your creations for a profit!

This Dummies reference is great for anyone with an interest in turning trash into treasure.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Upcycling 5

Chapter 1: Getting Excited about Upcycling 7

Chapter 2: Sleuthing Out Materials 21

Chapter 3: Tapping Into Your Creativity 37

Part 2: The Big Upcycle: Preparing and Painting Your Piece 47

Chapter 4: Preparing Your Piece for Transformation 49

Chapter 5: Sprucing Up Your Furniture Piece 57

Chapter 6: Finishing and Sealing Your Piece 77

Chapter 7: Adding Patina and Final Touches to Make Your Piece Pop 85

Chapter 8: Rejuvenating Antiques 105

Part 3: Other Upcycling Techniques 117

Chapter 9: Upholstery 101 119

Chapter 10: Getting on the Cutting Edge with Glass 133

Chapter 11: Reclaimed to Fame Wood 143

Part 4: Upcycling Tutorials for Your Home 155

Chapter 12: Reimagining Furniture 157

Chapter 13: Elevating a Room with Home Decor 183

Chapter 14: Shining the Spotlight on Lamps 199

Chapter 15: Upcycling Art for Any Space 211

Chapter 16: Planters on Cloud Wine 221

Part 5: The Four Ps of Selling Your Pieces 233

Chapter 17: Planning for Props and Photography 235

Chapter 18: Putting Together Pricing and Promotion 249

Part 6: The Part of Tens 257

Chapter 19: Ten Things to Look for at a Thrift Store 259

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Reuse Glass Jars 267

Index 275
Judy Rom runs Upcycle That, a website dedicated to everything upcycling. Judy aims to inspire readers to reuse items to enable a more beautiful, sustainable, and rich lifestyle.