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The Sid Kess Approach

Carberry, James


1. Edition December 2017
160 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-937350-46-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The AICPA created this book to celebrate Sid Kess' many contributions to the CPA profession and, more important, to capture Sid's unique approach. The book explores the question of how one man has done so much and impacted so many people. The answers to this question provide distinct methods that all CPAs can apply to their practices and to their lives.

Over 70 contributions from Kess's colleagues, students, and friends describe his use of these approaches to further careers, foster client relationships, teach successfully, and create happiness.

Foreword v

About the Author vii

Preface ix

Contributors xvii

Introduction xxi

Purpose of This Book xxi

Important Themes xxii

Chapter 1 Truly Put People First 1

Sid Kess: Life and Career 1

Formative Years 2

Public Accounting 5

Importance of Family 6

Learning From Sid 7

Honoring Sid 8

A Good Guy 9

Motivator 10

The Professional's Professional 10

Practical Advice 10

A History of Helping 10

Individuals 10

UJA-Federation of New York 16

Campbell University 17

Baruch College 18

Fordham University 18

Chapter 2 Build and Maintain Core Knowledge and Expertise 19

Sid's Career Highlights 20

Getting Started in Financial Planning Services 22

Using a Checklist 22

Promoting Awareness 23

Developing Knowledge 23

Educating Practitioners 25

Assisting Firms 26

Developing Expertise in Financial Planning Services 27

The Expert Advantage 28

Sid Helps Others Become Experts 30

Managing a Practice 33

Becoming a Teacher 39

CPA Exam Review Course 40

Educating Practitioners 40

Sid's Probability Chart 41

Sid's Workshops 41

The Value of Sid's Workshops 44

Timely Information 48

Next Generation 50

What CPAs and Other Professionals Have Learned From Sid 51

Chapter 3 Be Imaginative and Act on Your Ideas 53

Idea Guy 53

Active Life 55

Sid As Career Planner 56

How Sid Has Helped People Find Jobs 62

How Sid Has Helped People Advance in Their Careers 62

Chapter 4 Maximize Your Potential 71

Public Speaking 72

Collaborating 75

Book Projects 76

Writing 78

Media Relations 86

Chapter 5 Find and Connect With People 93

Talent Hunter 94

How to Give Back 100

Conclusion 111

Bibliography 113

American Education Television Network 113


American Express 116

Baruch College 116

Boardroom, Inc 117

CCH Incorporated 117

CPA Magazine 124

Campbell University 125

Comprehensive CPA School 125

Evoke 126

Fidelity Investments 126

Grosset & Dunlap 126

H & R Block 126

Lybrand 126

Main Hurdman 127

National Association of Estate Planners & Councils 127

New York Journal 128

New York State Society of CPAs 128

New York Times 129

PESI 129

Professional Educational Network 129

Tax Management (BNA) 130

Warren Gorham & Lamont 131
James Carberry is the principal of Carberry Communications, a business writing and editing service based in Portland, Oregon. He has been a corporate writer and editor, a business writer based in Singapore, and, for ten years, a staff reporter of the Wall Street Journal. Before joining the Journal, he was a reporter for newspapers in Berkeley and Riverside, California. Carberry is the co-author of The Inside Track to Careers in Accounting. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.