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Nanotechnology for Energy Sustainability

Raj, Baldev / Van de Voorde, Marcel / Mahajan, Yashwant (Editor)

Nanotechnology Innovation & Applications


1. Edition April 2017
1316 Pages, Hardcover
543 Pictures (369 Colored Figures)
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-34014-9
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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In three handy volumes, this ready reference provides a detailed overview of nanotechnology as it is applied to energy sustainability. Clearly structured, following an introduction, the first part of the book is dedicated to energy production, renewable energy, energy storage, energy distribution, and energy conversion and harvesting. The second part then goes on to discuss nano-enabled materials, energy conservation and management, technological and intellectual property-related issues and markets and environmental remediation. The text concludes with a look at and recommendations for future technology advances.
An essential handbook for all experts in the field - from academic researchers and engineers to developers in industry.

"Perspective" on the Book on Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy

Volume 1

Fossil Fuels: The Effect of Zeolite Catalyst Particle Morphology on Catalyst Performance in the Conversion of Methanol to Hydrocarbons
Fossil Fuels: Nanotechnologies for Petroleum Reservoir Engineering
Fossil Fuels: Coke-Resistant Nanomaterials for Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) Fuels
Photovoltaics: Light Energy Harvesting with Plasmonic Nanoparticle Networks
Photovoltaics: Role of Nanotechnology in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Photovoltaics: Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Conversion
Photovoltaics: Light-Trapping in Crystalline Silicon and Thin-Film Solar Cells by Nanostructured Optical Coatings
Photovoltaics: Nanoengineered Materials and Their Functionality in Solar Cells
NonSelective Coatings for Solar Thermal Application in CSP
Selective Surfaces for Solar Thermal Energy Conversion in CSP: From Multilayers to Nanocomposites
Nanobiotechnology Augmenting Biological Gaseous Energy Recovery
Nanotechnologies in Sodium-Cooled Fast Spectrum Reactor and Closed Fuel Cycle Sustainable Nuclear Energy System
Nanotechnology and Applications for Electric Power: The Perspective of a Major Player in Electricity
Lightweight Nanostructured Materials and Their Certification for Wind Energy Applications

Volume 2

Nanostructured Materials for Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries
Carbon Nanotube Materials to Realise High-Performance Supercapacitors
Recent Developments and Prospects of Nanostructured Supercapacitors
Nanostructured and Complex Hybrides for Hydrogen Storage
Nanotechnology for the Storage of Hydrogen
Phase Change Nanomaterials for Thermal Energy Storage
Carbon Nanotube Wires and Cables: Near-Term Applications and Future Perspectives

Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials: Current Research and Future Challenge
Nanostructured Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Thermoelectric Materials
Nanomaterials for Fuel Cell Technology
Contributions of Nanotechnology to Hydrogen Production
Nanoenhanced Materials for Photolytic Hydrogen Production
Human Vibration Energy Harvester with PZT
Energy Consumption in Information and Communications Technology: Role of Semiconductor Nanotechnology

Volume 3

Nanocrystalline Bainitic Steels for Industrial Applications
Graphene and Graphene Oxide for Energy Storage
Inorganic Nanotubes and Fulleren-Like Nanoparticles at the Crossroad between Materials Science and Nanotechnology and Their Applications with Regard to Sustainability
Nanotechnology, Energy, and Fractals Nature
Magnesium Based Nanocomposites for Cleaner Transport
Nanocomposites: A Gaze through Their Applications in Transport Industry
Semiconducting Nanowires in Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Energy Generation
Nanoliquid Metal Technology Toward High-Performance Energy Management, Conversion, and Storage
IoNanofluids: Innovative Agents for Sustainable Development

Silica Aerogels for Energy Conservation and Saving
Nanotechnology in Architecture
Nanofluids for Efficient Heat Transfer Applications

Nanomaterials for Li-Ion Batteries: Patents Landscape and Product Scenario
Nanotechnology in Fuel Cells: A Bibliometric Analysis
Techno-Commercial Opportunities of Nanotechnology in Wind Energy

Nanomaterials for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Fuels and Value-Added Products
Nanomaterial-Based Methods for Cleaning Contaminated Water in Oil Spill Sites
Nanomaterials and Direct Air Capture of CO2

Baldev Raj is Professor and Director of the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bengaluru, India. He obtained his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) in Bangalore, India, in 1989. He has pursued his work in interdisciplinary domains of energy, cultural heritage, medical technologies, nanoscience and technology and education.
Prof. Raj has authored more than 1100 scientific publications and 70 books. He has been recognized by way of more than 100 awards, 380 honors, keynote, invited lectures and assignments in more than 30 countries. He is a fellow of all major science, engineering and social sciences academies in India.

Marcel Van de Voorde has 40 years` experience in European Research Organisations including CERN-Geneva, European Commission, with 10 years at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany. For many years, he was involved in research and research strategies, policy and management, especially in European research institutions. He holds a Professorship at the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands, as well as multiple visiting professorships in Europe and worldwide. He holds a doctor honoris causa and various honorary Professorships.
He is senator of the European Academy for Sciences and Arts, in Salzburg and Fellow of the World Academy for Sciences. He is a Fellow of various scientific societies and has been decorated by the Belgian King. He has authored of multiple scientific and technical publications and co-edited multiple books in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Y. R. Mahajan obtained his PhD from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in New York, USA, in 1978. He carried out his postdoctoral research at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, USA. Then he held various roles as senior scientist at the Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory; associate director, ARC International; associate technology director, Defense Research and Development Laboratory, Hyderabad, India. Under his leadership, a number of ceramic-based technologies were developed and transferred to industry. Since 2009, he is working as a technical advisor at the Centre for Knowledge Management of Nanoscience and Technology in Telangana, India. Dr. Mahajan has published more than 130 scientific publications and holds 13 patents.

B. Raj, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Karnataka, India; M. Van de Voorde, TU Delft, Bergen, The Netherlands; Y. Mahajan, CKMNT, Tarnaka, India