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Catalysis from A to Z

A Concise Encyclopedia

Cornils, Boy / Herrmann, Wolfgang A. / Xu, Jian-He / Zanthoff, Horst (Editor)


5. Edition November 2019
2952 Pages, Hardcover
2000 Pictures
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-34311-9
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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Comprehensive, succinct and easy to use, this updated fifth edition contains 20% more content, over 15000 entries on all aspects of bio-, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis and it is written by more than 200 top scientists.

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Provides a complete and accessible A to Z collection of information on catalysis

This updated and enlarged must-have edition of a classic book on catalysis explains the important terms of all aspects of the subject - including biocatalysis, homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis - as well as the terms associated with it. It also looks at related topics like spectroscopy or analytical methods. Featuring 20% more content than the previous edition, it comprehensively covers the topic in a clear and concise manner, and includes abbreviations, brief biographic entries of important scientists who have worked in catalysis, trade names, important catalytic processes, named reactions, reactions, and other important keywords in the general field of catalysis.

Written by more than 200 top scientists and with more than 15,000 entries on all aspects of catalysis, Catalysis from A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia, 5th Edition is filled with figures, tables, cross-references, and references. It covers acids, ligands, catalytic reactions in organic synthesis, kinetics and thermodynamics of catalytic reactions, and catalyst labeling. The book also looks at theoretical backgrounds of catalytic reactions, industrial catalytic processes, autoclaves, colloids, nanomaterials, spectroscopically methods for catalyst analysis, and more.

-Provides all the knowledge scientists need to know about homogeneous, heterogeneous, and biochemical catalysis
-Includes more than 15,000 keywords in compact entries
-Newly updated and expanded edition of the bestselling classic
-Comprehensive, succinct, and easy to use
-Edited by an experienced team of top editors and authors with contributions from over 200 scientific experts
-Offers German and French translations of the keywords to help students and non-native English speakers

Catalysis from A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia is an ideal resource for every student, chemist, scientist, and engineer involved in catalytic chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and more.

catalysts - heterogeneous, homogeneous, acid, base
catalytic reactions in organic synthesis
kinetics and thermodynamics of catalytic reactions
catalyst labelling
theoretical backgrounds of catalytic reactions
industrial catalytic processes
stereoselective catalysis
spectroscopical methods for catalyst analysis
enzymatic catalysis
Boy Cornils has worked at the former Hoechst AG in Germany, where he was the director of the research.

Wolfgang A. Herrmann is President of the Technical University of Munich and has received several awards for his work in organometallic chemistry.

Jianhe Xu is Professor at the East China University in Shanghai.

Horst-Werner Zanthoff, PhD, is scientific researcher at Evonik Industries AG and presently leads the Competence Center of Oxidation Catalysis at Evonik Industries Process Technology and Engineering department.