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Environmental Pest Management

Challenges for Agronomists, Ecologists, Economists and Policymakers

Coll, Moshe / Wajnberg, Eric (Editor)


1. Edition October 2017
448 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-25555-0
John Wiley & Sons

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A wide-ranging, interdisciplinary exploration of key topics that interrelate pest management, public health and the environment

This book takes a unique, multidimensional approach to addressing the complex issues surrounding pest management activities and their impacts on the environment and human health, and environmental effects on plant protection practices.

It features contributions by a distinguished group of authors from ten countries, representing an array of disciplines. They include plant protection scientists and officers, economists, agronomists, ecologists, environmental and public health scientists and government policymakers. Over the course of eighteen chapters, those experts share their insights into and analyses of an array of issues of vital concern to everyone with a professional interest in this important subject.

The adverse effects of pest control have become a subject of great concern worldwide, and researchers and enlightened policymakers have at last begun to appreciate the impact of environmental factors on our ability to manage pest populations. Moreover, while issues such as pesticide toxicity have dominated the global conversation about pest management, economic and societal considerations have been largely neglected. Environmental Pest Management: Challenges for Agronomists, Ecologists, Economists and Policymakers is the first work to provide in-depth coverage of all of these pressing issues between the covers of one book.
* Offers a unique multi-dimensional perspective on the complex issues surrounding pest management activities and their effect on the environment and human health
* Addresses growing concerns about specific pest management strategies, including the use of transgenic crops and biological controls
* Analyses the influence of global processes, such as climate change, biological invasions and shifts in consumer demand, and ecosystem services and disservices on pest suppression efforts
* Explores public health concerns regarding biodiversity, pesticide use and food safety
* Identifies key economic drivers of pest suppression research, strategies and technologies
* Proposes new regulatory approaches to create sustainable and viable crop protection systems in the framework of agro-environmental schemes

Offering a timely and comprehensively-unique treatment of pest management and its environmental impacts in a single, inter-disciplinary volume, this book is a valuable resource for scientists in an array of disciplines, as well as government officials and policymakers. Also, teachers of undergraduate and graduate level courses in a variety of fields are sure to find it a highly useful teaching resource.

Moshe Coll, PhD, Department of Entomology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is an applied ecologist with more than a quarter century of experience researching herbivore-plant interactions, predator-prey dynamics in agricultural and natural habitats, and biological and integrated pest control.

Eric Wajnberg, PhD, INRA, Sophia Antipolis, France, is a population biologist specialising in population genetics, behavioural ecology and statistical modelling. An expert in biological pest control, he has studied insect parasitoids for thirty years.

E. Wajnberg, INRA, France