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Related books
Quinn, Robert E.
Beyond Rational Management
Mastering the Paradoxes and Competing Demands of High Performance
ISBN 978-1-55542-377-3

Dryden, Windy
Reflections on Counselling
ISBN 978-1-897635-10-0

Blischke, Wallace R. / Murthy, D. N. Prabhakar
Case Studies in Reliability and Maintenance
ISBN 978-0-471-41373-8

Freedman, Rick
The IT Consultant
A Commonsense Framework for Managing the Client Relationship
ISBN 978-0-7879-5173-3

Hart, Robyn / Rollins, Judy
Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with Health Issues
ISBN 978-0-470-55500-2

Jongsma, Arthur E. / Bruce, Timothy J.
Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment Planning DVD and Workbook Set
ISBN 978-0-470-62157-8

Newell, Patrick T. / Onsager, Terry (eds.)
Earth's Low Latitude Boundary Layer, Volume 133
ISBN 978-0-87590-992-9

Reece, E. Albert / Hobbins, John C. (eds.)
Handbook of Clinical Obstetrics
The Fetus and Mother
ISBN 978-1-4051-5609-7

Fischer, Marilyn
Ethical Decision Making in Fund Raising (AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series)
ISBN 978-0-471-29843-4

Shalts, Edward
The American Institute of Homeopathy Handbook for Parents
A Guide to Healthy Treatment for Everything from Colds and Allergies to ADHD, Obesity, and Depression
ISBN 978-0-7879-8033-7

Chen, Zhengxin
Data Mining and Uncertain Reasoning
An Integrated Approach
ISBN 978-0-471-38878-4

Levene, Tony
Investing for Dummies, 4th UK Edition
ISBN 978-1-119-02576-4

Biech, Elaine
2012 Pfeiffer Annual Set
ISBN 978-1-118-30166-1

Frederick, Robert (ed.)
A Companion to Business Ethics
ISBN 978-0-631-20130-4

Bieneck, Steffen / Oswald, Margit E. / Hupfeld-Heinemann, Jorg (eds.)
Social Psychology of Punishment of Crime
ISBN 978-0-470-51599-0

James, Bruce / Bron, Anthony
Lecture Notes: Ophthalmology
ISBN 978-1-4443-3558-3

Finn, R. K. / Präve, Paul / Schlingmann, M. / Crueger, W. / Esser, K. / Thauer, R. / Wagner, F. (eds.)
Biotechnology, Fundamentals, Applications, Information, Focus 2
ISBN 978-0-471-03736-1

Ulrich Fuller, Laurie / Cook, Ken
Access 2010 For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-49747-0

Klose, Ines
Little Black Book der Suppen und Eintöpfe
Von klar bis cremig - flüssige Gaumenfreuden für jeden Tag
ISBN 978-3-527-50740-5

Payne, Michael
Reading Knowledge
An Introduction to Foucault, Barthes & Althusser
ISBN 978-0-631-19566-5

St. John, Allen
Weight Training Diary For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-7645-5336-3

Zunes, Stephen / Asher, Sarah Beth / Kurtz, Lester (eds.)
Nonviolent Social Movements
A Geographical Perspective
ISBN 978-1-57718-076-0

Shank, John D.
Interactive Open Educational Resources
A Guide to Finding, Choosing, and Using What's Out There to Transform College Teaching
ISBN 978-1-118-27745-4

Warner, Janine
Mobile Web Design For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-56096-9

Sciore, Edward
Database Design and Implementation
ISBN 978-0-471-75716-0




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